Five Up

Been meaning to post a few pics of a Tri Hub with the sides cut out, which creates a "Penta" Hub. Looks kind of neat, like a vinyl pin cushion.

Shipping is underway and notices will start popping up late tomorrow night!

Thanks again to all of you for the great drop!


  1. man I SO wanna start making things with those !!!

  2. Sweet! Thank you hope everybody is getting better too!

  3. Ohhh, now I REALLY want to grab a second Conversion Kit! But, I am worried about placing another order before my first has even shipped.... I'll probably wait a while for things to cool down.

  4. Looks like the vinyl maybe bit back on that thumb, yeah? Wasn't too appreciative of those extra cuts.

    1. Five stitches worth of bite! My hands are starting to look like Zangief.
      Good eyes Jared!

    2. I hope the wound doesn't slow down your Glyos creativity. But then, no one said this would be an easy vocation.
      Get all healed up and I trust chez Doughty is healthy again?

  5. Five stitches is indeed quite a bite! Good to know the vinyl can stand up for itself ;) Haha. Hope it doesn't inhibit sculpting and painting too much.

    Had an awesome day up in Portland yesterday. Will be going back soon, for sure.