Absorb and Evolve

Argen may not have seen a lot of action around here last year, but behind the scenes his story was being expanded and mapped for 2014 and beyond.
One piece of Argen's Arc follows his journeys to various exotic and mysterious locations, as he searches for ways to adapt the forms and skills of different creatures into his core program, to share with his Gendrone brethren. Like a cosmic nature hike where Argen can transform into a mechanically based version of a select critter and experience how that entity truly lives, expanding his own spectrum of understanding.

The next few posts cover some of the Contained Builds I imagine Argen learned while on his extensive travels. The physical limitations being that they were each put together using only the parts from 1 complete Buildman, 1 complete Axis Joint Set and 1 Scarf.

From Granthan Rock Stingers to Volkriun Jump Hunters, Argen searches the Glyos System for special lifeforms, driven by an ever-growing desire to absorb and evolve.


  1. Really enjoying the direction and the gaining of more insight into the actions of Argen.

    It only helps to know future personal customs have become all part of his exploration!

  2. "You were destined for more than this..."

    It almost sounds as though Argen is being set-up to be not a warrior, but a bringer of peace. To vicariously live through so many different organisms, to better understand them, would require so much empathy that it begs the question: why would it stop there? Would he one day be able to see the motives behind what Metran and Glyaxia have done, and soon after, find a more peaceful means to the ends of liberating his kind?

    Fun stuff to think about, that's for sure. Good on ya for making such a fun universe to explore, Matt!