Kabuto Mushi MK II

Tonight, January 3rd, at 9 PM EST, Marty "The GodBeast" Hansen will unleash his very first full production run of Kabuto Mushi MK II out into the wild! This 26 piece, fully Glyos compatible insectoid warrior has been cooking for a while, and Marty completely put his heart and soul into every aspect of its development. I met Marty way back in 2005, and we have been friends ever since. Witnessing TGB evolve over the passing years has been pretty fun -almost as fun as giving him grief on a regular basis (he goes into anaphylactic shock if he doesn't drink a Full Throttle every 4 hours)! Luckily, Marty has a really great sense of humor, which is matched only by his deep sense of loyalty.
The process of creating this beefy little beetle will be explored in further posts, as it was an extremely satisfying project to watch unfold. There are many influences and tributes spliced into Kabuto's DNA, spanning across decades. When I look at this figure, it feels like I'm seeing an old friend again. One who's ready to continue a game that was started in my imagination, back from when I was just a kid.
All of us over here, especially me, want to send a monster sized congratulation to our brother, Marty Hansen. Tonight's been in the making for a very long time.
Welcome to the family, Mr. Mushi! Good luck tonight to the Hansen Clan!


  1. Looking forward to more "behind the scenes" stuff with this bad-boy. Welcome to the Glyos family Kabuto Mushi !!!

  2. When I saw Marty's 1st prototype of this figure, I was kind of iffy on it with those really wide shoulders. Fast forward to NYCC 2013 when I saw the production test shots in different configurations and I was like "Damnit, now I have to get at least 1 of these guys!" LoL! I really love the green & brown colorways, but the Brown/Green one is more my style. Those yellow eyes on the green one's alternate head just look amazing though, so I'm not sure which I prefer more in all honesty.

    I can't wait to see the behind the scenes stuff, that's always one of my favorite parts to these new figures. The Mini-Mushi figures are cool too, I'm also curious what their story is.

    And I agree Matt, these color choices & the design to invoke a heavy bit of nostalgia. Not quite Sectaurs though, but they're close enough. ^_^

  3. Ordered way to many Mini-Mushis. Can't wait for the big ones to come out of their dormant state!