Grip Strider

Argen's connection to the Planet Rilleco runs very deep, and quite often he finds himself returning to the dark and mountainous world in search of solace. Watching the indigenous lifeforms simply cycle through their patterns brings Argen a great sense of peace in an otherwise trying time.


  1. Very Zentradi somehow.

    Might need to get some Buildstation stuff after payday, just to make a little museum of these guys. Can't wait to see what's next!

  2. My toys tend to fall into either war camps or comedic camps. I like how you've taken Argen into an explorer/spiritualistic type idea. It's cool to see a toy idea that inspires more than just blowing up other toys.

    Of course, part of me also sees all these contained build ideas as some sort of Pokemon ploy to make us buy them all, which of course I would darn it...