Argen rolls into 2014 sporting a new metallic green alloy that you beetle lovers out there may be a little familiar with...

That emerald Gendrone shown above is due to pop up later this month, and with his arrival we're trying a little something different. To keep things interesting in the alternate months of our usual larger releases, new items will be appearing in the store that are not always entire waves of a color, but instead something more "contained".

2014 will see some metallics and other FX plastics, and our general cycle of production has mostly been planned out. However, the Alternate Month releases mentioned above may contain some detail lined figure runs, RealXHead surprises, crossover specials and possibly even a CC this year. For those of you who love OMFG, you might also be extra happy, maybe even this month...

What our crew over here wants, more than anything, is to make your experience of playing with and collecting Glyos as fun as possible. This year we'll be working harder than ever to try and hit all the right notes, and hopefully together we can make 2014 a year that makes you smile.

More details on the January Mini (tiny) Launch later this week!


  1. Oh man, I just got my mushi and I'm pumped to build with that green. And all the previews you're dropping make it aound like it'll be a fun year.

  2. This is a fine thing to wake up to! I must still be a bit sleepy because I could of sworn I read "possibly a CC this year" !!!! The green is awesome, and it is exciting to see Argen again. If this mini launch contains a green Gobon, Armovor, and and LSA/Elder Exellis/Dark Traveler I will be a happy GlyosHead.

  3. CC?!?! Exciting! also more Real X Head surprises can only be a good thing!

    Here's to a great 2014 Matt!

  4. Green! My favorite color! I think I might be gettin' myself a new Argen!

  5. Oooooh!!! I love the metallic emerald ore look there! (Emerald Ore? Yay for making up ores!) Gonna have to be sure not to miss this drop!

  6. Double the drops?! Awesome, maybe the other 6 months of the year won't be so drab by comparison anymore :) Love the sound of things to come!

  7. I was hoping for a larger release in the green, alas, because building with all the red has been so much fun! However, that's not to complain at all: that we're even getting a metallic green, let alone the one Marty used that does some really interesting stuff in the light, is awesome!

    As for the rest of the announcement: I'm down for just about anything. Let's see more of what 2014 has to offer!

  8. I really like this emerald green!

    All hail Argen from the Ozz Rebellion!