New Weaponeers Of Monkaa

Our friends over at Spy Monkey Creations currently have some brand new Weaponeers of Monkaa figures available in their store, featuring a particular clear green that is very close to our hearts around here.

Make sure you also check out their awesome new addition to the Weaponeer saga, The Golden Age, once again illustrated by the superhumanly talented Nate Baertsch!

The combination of chrome and clear on this powerful new Brutok pays some serious homage to the magic of Microman, and the timing is perfect in celebration of that classic line's 40th(!) anniversary.

Well done Jeremy and Brian!


  1. This is the perfect color for me to hop on the Monkaa train but no $$$ :( Looks VERY nice though. Maybe someday...

  2. Thanks! He's been a long time coming. So happy to get this green Goliath and all the other items in this drop out to our wonderful customers!