Just in time to round out the first month of 2014, Ni has a brand new quartet of Outlanders ready to enter the mix!

These Outlanders have some of the neatest color combos yet, utilizing the old sea glass Neo Voss clear tint in conjunction with the crazy Rift Breaker pearlescent clear from last year. The translucent hues are accompanied by another duo spotlighting a subtle combination of a bluish purple and pinkish magenta, topped with a neat pale greenish accent.

You can find these new Outlanders over at the 481 Universe Store!

Congratulations on going into another year of Outlander production, Ni!


  1. Toxic's are my favorite Outlanders so far. Even grabbed one for my boy, cause I knew he'd want MINE !!!

  2. Dear Michelle and Matt! Thank you very much! I got my first two orders of January 11! I am very pleased obtaining generous surprises. I like Glyos and figures heroes, you have made.

    With best wishes,
    Russia, Rostov-on-Don

  3. LOVE the subtle eye candy in this drop… You really can't go wrong with these colors!