Thank You!!!

Thank you for making the first mini release of the year a good one!

It seemed like the mix of different things brought in a fresh variety of people, with some new names popping up, no doubt from the OMFG side of the universe. Old Argen moved faster than any of us had anticipated, which means that metallic green will be back in 2014. More metallic selections of the high swirl/super vibrancy variety are also in the pipeline as I write this. Experimenting with the special effects PVC really is a lot of fun, and results like the new metallics keep things exciting.

Speaking of experiments, we have a couple special hues lined up for late February that continue the journey into crazy PVC effects. A few familiar characters may show up, albeit sporting some new paint and maybe a fresh part or two. GITD fans should also be happy...

Michelle is busy processing all the orders like a wild woman, and the barn is prepared for the shipping assault. The first packages will begin to hit the post on Thursday afternoon and will keep cooking into the weekend.

I'll be posting up some more of those Argen Contained Builds/Concept Drawings over the next few days, and if you guys dig them, I can continue popping new ones up here and there throughout the year. I would absolutely love to see how the illustrators in our ranks out there would approach rendering some of their own builds (or simply builds that they like). It was a blast trying to crank out multiple drawings within a day that I could share with you guys. Creating like that takes me back to the simple days of just sitting with a few pens, a cheap pad of paper and little else to work with.

Well, maybe one of those miniature Corn Pops cereal boxes and an early Saturday morning in front of Grandma's television would really make the vibe complete.

Thank you!!!


  1. Thank you, Matt for another great drop. Looking forward to more of the drawings and Argen builds.

  2. YEAH, those little boxes of cereal that you split down the middle/top/bottom opened up the cardboard & waxpaper ??? inside then poured the milk right in :) Grandma's house RULED !!! Cool mini drop guys. Looking forward to more cool colors this year - as long as they're translucent...

  3. I've always thoroughly enjoyed looking at the creatures that populate your universe and then reading about them. I sometimes wonder if you're tapping into another dimension where these things really exist as there's too much information for it to be purely imaginary. So by all means keep drawing, I will be sitting right there with you with a miniature box of lucky charms in my hands while looking over everything. I kinda reminds me of what it used to be like looking at old Dungeons & Dragons Monster Manuals, I would have tons of fun reading about those creatures & looking at the artwork.

    1. Oh yeah, it's totally Monster Manuals! Never thought about it that way. I spent hours pouring over that stuff as a kid. I was koo koo for Cocoa Puffs back then.

  4. Man, I've spent days now with just a little notepad and a pen, about a dozen figures, and little else. Some great ideas come out of those situations :)

  5. THANK YOU! And… Only you know why. :)