Mini Release

Argen has been on a little walkabout over the past week, and has returned just in time for a small rollout this Sunday, January 19th at 9:30PM EST.

This will mark our first release of 2014, and consists of only a handful of items, Argen MK IV up there being one of them.

Full details coming late tonight on the rest of Sunday's assortment!

I think I love that metallic green.


  1. To be fair, it is a lovely green.

    Much as I'd love for there to be green Phaseons and Swings to match, it'll probably be another drop before the big 'bots return. That being said, I'm still excited for what Sunday has to offer!

  2. Really loving the spotlight the buildman has been getting- remains my favorite single figure to buy for self contained builds, and these posts have really shown that off.

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  4. I DEFINITELY love that metallic green.

  5. So what's the full details man? 7 am is pretty late night. :P

  6. Anxiously awaiting sunday night!