Mini Mission Details

Right as I was working on this post, a nice virus decided to sweep through the entire house, so the last few days were a bit like a Black Hole (I think I saw Maximilian in a fever dream). We're back to working order now, just a little grosser than usual.

This first Mini Release of 2014 offers a few crossover items, focusing on Series 2 and Series 3 of OMFG, made possible by the great October Toys! We have had these waiting in the wings for some time, and to add some spice to their collective light blue rollout, a single color Armorvor has been run to match! We also have the OTMFG Zombie Pheyden light blue edition, designed by Lamour Supreme and sculpted by George Gaspar (ours is a different hue than the bright blue one currently in OT's store). Finally having the whole selection of OMFG figures available feels good! All the light blue stuff is run in the older Pheyden hue, to keep it closer to matching our OMFG Series 1 run.

Argen MK IX will be offered in an Axis Armored Form at $11 USD, consisting of 1 complete Buildman, 1 complete Axis Joint Set and 1 scarf, so you get a dollar knocked of the price with this one.

This particular Metallic Pearlescent Green run is from the same batch as The GodBeast's first full PVC production Kabuto Mushi assortment, so color is a solid match.

We will also have a restock of Stealth Armorvors, to keep the Buildstation cooking.

There will be one surprise on Sunday night, in connection to the Buildstation.

Here's the list!

Buildman - Axis Armored Argen MK IX Gendrone Voyager (Metallic Pearlescent Green with Yellorange visors and White tampos) $11 

OMFG -Series 2 (Light Blue) $10

OMFG -Series 3 (Light Blue) $10

OTMFG -Zombie Pheyden (Light Blue) $2

Armorvor  - OMFG Mimic (Light Blue/No Paint) $8

Armorvor  -Stealth MK IV (Clear Colorless/No Paint) $8


We're still on track for Sunday night, January 19th at 9:30 PM EST.

Leading up to the release, I'll be popping some more pics of the contained builds that old Argen has been using these days, particularly on a recent trip down to Florida. The Axis Joints were designed primarily to integrate with the Buildman figure, and just adding one set to the mix pushes the building potential into some fun new places.

Now, off to regenerate for Sunday night!


  1. So no separately sold axis joints?

    1. this saddens me cause because I need 4 sets of the green axis joints

    2. We're trying to keep these smaller releases on the lighter side.

      If things move well, we'll run more stuff in the green. Maybe even an entire wave!

  2. they spray those flus at you on the airport i tell you! always am sick coming home from a trip. get well and get me you know what ;) #tpscrt

    1. Pumped right through the vents!

      Working on the file right now, Ralphus!

  3. Would love to see noboto in that light blue!!!!

  4. I'm actually a little relieved the Axis Joints won't be available on their own yet. That gives me some time to save more money for them.

  5. I am so glad to have OMFG S2&3 in Pheyden blue, and I'm loving the small drops; so much easier on the wallet

  6. No limits on the Argens? Better set aside some money, then. Those Contained Builds you've posted have really been something!

    And if the Buildstation surprise is a Dark Traveler / Exellis / Sincroid, then I'm game.

    Can't wait for Sunday!

  7. Glad to hear you and your family are doing better. I was starting to wonder if all was well at the Doughty homestead.

  8. Cool! Glad you guys are feeling better, this is just that time of year for all that kinda stuff. Wavd looks cool, I might have to go for one of these Argens as that green is way too nice to pass up on, but I need to check my funds first.

    I vote for more of his green in the future, I need to upgrade another glyo figure I have.

  9. If I had seen The Black Hole during my youth, I'm sure Maximilian would have popped up in many fever induced nightmares.

    Get well soon and see you on Sunday!

  10. At some point I'm going to need at least a Dark Traveler, Sarvos, and Gobon in that Kabuto Mushi metallic rootbeer brown color. I'm just sayin'.

    1. That sounds cool, I'd take some axis joints in that color, or maybe a Buildman or two.

  11. I was hoping for a green Armorvor, but I love that blue concept. I'm into it.

    Wait. Sunday at 9:30? That's right in the middle of Downton Abbey!