Thank You!!!

Thank you for making our 50th wave a good one!

It was really neat to finally run some of the molds in the classic M.U.S.C.L.E. flesh, and the timing seemed right to mark the occasion of our 50th release. I have very fond memories of discovering M.U.S.C.L.E. at our local Zayre department store as a kid, and being crazy about the Robin Mask figure in particular (though I called him "Northern Knight"). I still have my original! To be able to come full circle and produce Pheyden in the iconic flesh hue has been a trip! Some other characters from the ranks may get the flesh treatment in 2016, maybe even some that have never been seen before.

Speaking of trips, we will be attending Designer Con out in Pasadena this weekend, thanks to the dynamic duo at October Toys -the great George and Ayleen Gaspar! This looks to be the most jammed packed DCon yet, with folks traveling from all over the world to showcase what they've been creating throughout the year. We will be set up at Booth 1000, with new stuff available from Jesse (Callgrim), Marcus (Onell/ Bit Figs), Pj (Spaced Out Design), Dominic (Nemo's Factory) and possibly a few surprises as well. A small assortment from Sunday's release will be available at our table, as well as a few random things from the barn.

Fellow Glyos makers Marty (The GodBeast), Mark (Mystical Warriors of the Ring) and Jeremy and Brian (Spy Monkey Creations) will be set up right across from us, featuring some great special releases debuting at the show.

Make sure you check out the amazing array of Japanese Sofubi makers that made the journey from Japan! RealxHead, Studio Uamou, Skull Toys, Punk Drunkers and Goccodo will all be attendance again this year, armed with some excellent new stuff to share.

Of special note, remember to enter the Mecha Zone at booth 813 if you make the show. Incredible left handed illustrator/designer David White will stun you with the figures he's been creating using his 3D printer.

If you're in the Pasadena area or attending the convention, please swing by the booth and say hello! We had an incredibly fun time last year, and getting the chance to catch up with some of you in person was the best.

Thanks again for being part of our 50th wave! We are forever grateful to have the opportunity to continue doing this, and we're always working away behind the scenes to push things into new dimensions -even if we're a little quiet around here sometimes. Multiple projects are right at the threshold of being rolled out that we've been working on for over a year, and we can't wait to share them with you.

Hope to see you in Pasadena!


Union of Exiles

The new store is live!

Please place only ONE order within the first hour tonight, and be sure your Paypal cart is empty before you begin. Thanks for your cooperation. Have Fun!

Flesh For Fantasy

Mission Details

It's a small round, but there are some unique elements in the mix for Wave 50! Our Noboto mold continues to receive the deluxe paint treatment and a further expansion into the "Exiles" theme with this release, while the Neo Granthan Armorvor takes a page directly out of the classic Battle Beasts color playbook, circa 1987. The Super Crayboth for this assortment pays homage to the more bio-type mecha of the various animated bad guys from our youth, especially those found in Macross/ Robotech. The base green vinyl on this Super Cray matches last July's Orkmogg hue -as well as our friend (and new figure producer) Mike MZ's recent addition to the Glyos universe, the Zullbeast! I think this new color combination might be my personal favorite of all the Super Crayboths we've run up to this point. 

We do have a few secret entries on the list that hopefully you'll find interesting once revealed. It shouldn't be too hard to guess the mystery color, but within the selection of available items we did try something a little different.

We are on track for Sunday night, November 15th at 9:30PM EST. 

On to the list! 

Union of Exiles

Noboto -Exile Sechynn (Light Gray/ Gray paint/ Light Blue painted head w/ Black eyes/ bonus Light Blue/ Gray painted Protoclone head/ Dark Gray Detail Lines ) $10

Armorvor Neo Granthan -Gatorrior Mercenary (Olive Green/ White paint with Redorange visors and bonus head/ backpack) $10 -Features Neo Granthan head 

XXX - $14
XXX - $10

Crayboth - Dark Arzaurian Scout (Olive Green/ Bone accents/ Black accents/ Dark Green Detail Lines) $5 

Axis Joint Set -XXX  $4

Phase Arm/Gobon Blaster Single Set
-XXX  $2 

Super Crayboth
-Arzaurian Pod Leader (Green Vinyl/ Bone paint/ Black accents/ Dark Green Detail Lines) $26 -Features 13 all new paint applications 

Thank you for nearly 50 releases over 8+ years! Michelle, Marcus and I can't believe this little ship has stayed operational for this long. We're so grateful that each of you continues to travel with us.






In Exile

We will be rolling out our 50th (!) full production release this Sunday night, November 15th at 9:30PM EST with a small assortment of figures (6 of them). A small portion of this wave will also be available at our booth during Designer Con, among some other oddball items.

It's been fun pushing the Noboto colors in different directions, and the edition shown above matches up closely with the recent Standard Pheyden MK V.

Sunday night will also see the return of the Neo Granthan Armorvor, in a color scheme you Battle Beasts fans out there might get a kick out of. It's going to be "gruesome".

More pics and the short list are on deck!


Union Emissary

Way back in 1994, while I was deep into reading Erich von Daniken's Chariots of the Gods for about the 20th time, I started working on one of my own stories called "Union", which pulled many themes from his ancient astronaut hypothesis and combined them with just about every conspiracy theory imaginable found in the various magazines (remember those?) I was reading at the time. Having The X-Files on television also proved a massive influence on the subject matter.

The central idea of Union revolved around a secret war between 3 alien factions, and their collective ties to the development of mankind throughout history. Everything from Area 51, ancient civilizations, cryptozoology, bionic soldiers and a colony of enslaved hybrid manhunters imprisoned within a massive space station on the edge of an artificial black hole made it into the mix (I was just as bananas back then).

Throughout my college years I worked on different elements of the story, creating various illustrations (a couple are shown in this post) and bursts of text in the margins of my school notes. Eventually other stories moved into focus, but a few aesthetic ideas from Union survived and were reborn, showing up in Rechlen and Aves and beyond. Since I was fond of the leather armored "Warrior Grays" from Union, I decided to have any classic looking Gray alien type that might show up in the Glyos System resemble those old designs a bit. 

Eventually I ended up sculpting the oddball alien in the pics above, a character that was based on the old Union designs. The body is a series of twist ties, with plumber's compound built over them. Kind of a mini vintage OSM construction with some pretty rough sculpting.This little guy was given to Michelle for Christmas around 2002-2003 (I built my first sculpted-over twist tie guy in early 1999).

The recent secret mode Exile Deniken from our last release pays homage to the Warrior Grays from the original Union story, as well as the original twist tie "Deniken" that's shown above.

Be on the lookout for some other color variations of the Noboto mold that take the core design for a similar "alien" spin.

Maybe even this week.


Trigger the Giga


Happy Halloween!


Squaring Off



Thank You!!!

Thank you for making Sunday's Halloween themed release a good one! It seemed like we had a solid match between supply and demand, with most of the stock holding up for the initial launch. We've continued to work at making the stress of picking things up less intense,  but we're also trying to keep the production runs contained enough to not overload the store. The same strange balancing act that has been at the center of our survival for over 8 years.

Stryker Lock was run at much higher numbers than before, and far higher than the average JP vinyl production, falling much more in line with what we manufacture in China on a regular basis. It's very important to both Mori and I that folks who would like to check Stryker Lock out get the chance to do so, without mega fast sellouts. There will most likely be certain editions that will indeed be shorter runs, but our plan is to offer larger editions as well. So far, this new assortment seems to be holding up, though it is moving at a clip. 

We've seen the purchasing patterns change for the general population a number of times throughout the years, with the current trend being a more spread out and even week of activity in the store during a new release, versus the previous trend of very high night of sale turnout and then slower activity until the first packages have been mailed. I find it fascinating to look at the data from each wave, as there is always another lesson to learn. It's hard to believe that the next round will be Wave 50! We have some special things planned for the next assortment, with the hopeful introduction of a few new items to add to the building pool. The tentative next release is scheduled for early December.

As far as November goes, we will be attending DCon again, joining a great mix of our partner Glyos producers along with the incredible Tokyo crew. This will be one of the most concentrated gatherings of Glyos makers since the old NYCC days, and we'll have some special items available to celebrate the event. Our whole team is psyched to cause trouble in Pasadena, thanks to George and Ayleen's generosity and intense work. We hope to see you there!

Thanks again for keeping the tires on this bus throughout 2015, and for all the years of tremendous support and loyalty. With each day that passes, I take time to think about how damn lucky we are to be able to do this, even during the tough times. However, it's not really luck that's responsible for our continued existence, it's each of you.

PS -That's another "Hidden Mode" character up there in the pic, one that we call Exile Deniken. More on that little guy a bit later (it's based on a lost character from the old days).


The Andromeda Effect

The new store is live!

Note: Please place only ONE ORDER WITHIN THE FIRST HOUR tonight. We usually see an increased volume of traffic during a new release and need everyone's cooperation to ensure things operate smoothly. After the initial dust settles, we will lift all limits. Thanks for your understanding and support. Have fun!

Pixel Connect

Just a quick note to let the Glyos Connection community know about a bunch of new "smilies" added to the forums. While composing a post, click the "View more" link under the icons to open the full panel of pixels.

There are currently over 100 images, and that is only scratching the surface... much more to come!

Mission Details

This wave may be on the smaller side, but an extra amount of effort was put into the final production of the figures involved. From the new Stryker Lock and Standard Pheyden MK V, to the long in the works deluxe painted and detail lined "Standard" Noboto, Gobon and Protoclone (different than the MVR Standard types), this selection was designed in part to continue the running theme of classic representations of our core characters.

The other half of this wave focuses on a sequel to last year's Halloween inspired October assortment, featuring a big orange Super Hallowboth and some little reverse minions, loaded with extra paint and detail lines to spice thing up. To keep the Crayboth in line, Spectre Skeleden has also crawled into the mix, brandishing the duplicitous Soultaker Axe and sporting extra paint applications.

On to the list!

We are on track for tonight, October 11th, at 9:30PM, EDT.

The Andromeda Effect

Stryker Mohawk -Shadow (Black Soft Vinyl w/ Red Visor and Blaster accents) $30
Made in Japan by RealxHead

Stryker Crossborg -Shadow (Black Soft Vinyl w/ Red Visor and Blaster accents) $30
Made in Japan by RealxHead

Standard Pheyden MK V -(Light Blue/ Gray painted upper arms and thighs/ Gray eyes/ Dark Gray detail lines) $8
Noboto -Standard (Green/Brown/ Yellow head w/ Red eyes/ bonus Brown Protoclone head/ Dark Gray Detail Lines ) $10

Protoclone -Standard (Brown/ Green w/ Yellow eyes/ bonus Gray Noboto head/ Dark Gray Detail Lines ) $10 

Gobon - Double Standard (Yellow w/ Gray paint/ Black eyes/ Dark Gray Detail Lines ) $10

Axis Buildman Argen MK XIX - Dreadvalken Phantom (Clear Smoke w/ Black Visors -Includes new two part head and scarf) $12
NOTE- Each Axis Buildman is made up of one Buildman and one Axis Joint Set. 

Dungeon Traveler Skeleden -Spectre Mutation (GITD Green w/ Aqua paint and Black eyes, GITD head/ armor/ partial Aqua paint GITD upper arms/ Aqua painted  thighs/ GITD axe/ GITD Traveler base body/ upper arms/ thighs/ Pheyden head) $14

Dark Gliporian Pheyden (Clear Amber/ Orange paint/ includes scarf) $9

Crayboth -Reverse Hallowboth  (Black/ Orange accents/ Yellow accents/ Dark Orange Detail Lines $5 
Crayboth -XXX $4

Swing Joint Set -Clear Smoke $4

Axis Joint Set -
Clear Amber $4

Phase Arm/Gobon Blaster Single Set
-Clear Amber $2 

Super Crayboth
-Hallowboth Pod Leader (Orange Vinyl/ Black paint/ Yellow accents/ Dark Brown Detail Lines) $26 -Features 13 all new paint applications

Thank you for checking out this early Halloween offering! We hope to see you tonight!


Stryke Back!

This Sunday night, October 11th, at 9:30 EDT, we will have a small assortment of new items popping up in the store.

Leading the charge is an all new round of Stryker Lock, cast in pure black Japanese vinyl with painted red accents applied by Mori himself. The white rerun Stryker Lock order is still in the painting process (which I got to personally see while visiting Tokyo last month), so we wanted to roll something special out to balance the wait. The black hue on these figures really looks remarkable in hand and makes for a good nemesis color to the previous white edition. Maybe Cane has been working for these guys all along...

We'll also be releasing some Halloween themed figures that serve as a little follow up to last year's October wave, including a couple surprise selections and the rollout of Standard Pheyden MK V, which features fully painted (not swapped) upper arms and thighs as well as the usual slight tweaking of the good old light blue hue.

Details, pics and the list coming soon!


Bit Figs: Leblox Series

Bit Figs are now available in their first form thanks to Leblox, a new 3D printing app!

Orders are printed on demand and shipped from their headquarters in Paris, France. It's been a privilege working with the Leblox team, and it's exciting to be a part of this new movement fusing art and 3D technology.

Monochromatic plastic versions are also in the works, but Leblox presented us a unique way to debut these in their full color forms. We've been treading a lot of new ground with Glyos lately, and this is another experiment that we hope opens new avenues for collectors. Limited edition runs will be available soon, stayed tuned.

I'd like to send my sincere thanks to Matt for his guidance and encouragement throughout this project. Special thanks to Soy at Leblox, to Ron for helping bring these Bits to life, and to PJ for always lending a hand.

Download the app for free here.

We've also started a thread at Glyos Connect to share and discuss all things Bit Figs.



The Glyos Connection

After many hours of building, testing and intense internal discussions, we are finally ready to debut the brand new Glyos community forum, the Glyos Connection.

Through a combined effort over the last few weeks, Marcus, Mark Vasquez, Marty Hansen and I have worked on bringing this new forum to life, and we hope that you find this fresh destination both fun and easy to explore.

Please let us know what you think, and share your suggestions either here or over at GlyosConnect.org.

Thank you for sticking with us during these times of transition!



On The Horizon

Get ready for Bit Figs to invade!

Matt and I are thrilled to present Bit Fig Pheyden, the first character in a new line of collectible mini figures available next month. Series 1 will be produced via Leblox, an on-demand 3D printing app based in Paris. Download Leblox for free and look for Bit Figs to rollout Monday, October 5th!

In addition to the 3D prints, there will be a limited number of hand cast figures available soon. Sign up here to receive first access and release info.

This is just the beginning of the Bit Figs journey. More big things ahead for these tiny travelers...

Edit: Original post was deleted and had to be recovered, apologies for broken links.


Bit Figs: Materialize


Skeleton Warriors Grimskull

For those that may have missed it, just a quick reminder that October Toys has a brand new Skeleton Warriors Grimskull Kickstarter currently active with just 10 days left to go!

George and Ayleen are keeping this new campaign streamlined and primarily centered around Grimskull himself, with an all new sculpt that features a healthy array of hybrid Glyos joints that once again allow for traditional articulation as well as full interchangeability.

Grimskull was one of my favorite characters from the original Skeleton Warriors toy line (next to Ursak -who would make for a great troop builder), so seeing this new interpretation of the classic design is really satisfying. This new sculpt has some excellent proportions and captures the anti-hero vibe very well.

On a related note, I would love to see George sculpt an Ursak that could also double as a "tribute" to Captain Power! I swear that Ursak looks like he's sporting a slightly medieval version of a Power Suit. Just imagine all the futuristic armored soldiers that could run across the different toy lines.

Or, I could be 100% alone in my fondness for Grimskull's crafty uncle.

If you want to see October Toys continue producing new Skeleton Warriors figures, maybe take a trip over to their Kickstarter page and check it out.

Good luck George and Ayleen!


Enter the Glyoverse

After over a decade, one of our favorites spots on the web, the October Toys Forum, will be shutting down at the end of this month.

Throughout the years our great friends George and Ayleen have generously donated endless amounts of their personal time and effort into maintaining the boards for all of us to peruse and enjoy, fostering an incredible community along the way. The wealth of information that has been amassed in the Glyos section alone is beyond measure. Spending time checking out what everybody is up to has been an invaluable resource on so many levels. The OTF will be fondly remembered and truly missed by all of us here at Onell.

For all the glorious years of true partnership, open communication and good times, we salute our extended family over at October Toys with a full heart. Thank you for everything.

For all of you that have participated in the OTF community, whether posting or just lurking, please know that you have absolutely influenced and assisted in building the very foundation of what we do here. We are forever grateful.

Though we are definitely feeling melancholy about the end of the OTF era, we are also looking forward to what the future holds.

Year after year, Marcus and I have continually been engaged in an ongoing discussion concerning the ever growing world of social media. As evidenced by our complete lack of it, we have consistently kept everything we do contained within this little blog. Being the caveman that I am, this method has served our modest system fairly well, but now with the end of the OTF pending and the loss of an official place for everyone to openly share, the time has finally come to shuffle the deck.

Behind the scenes Marcus has been readying some countermeasures in the event we lost the forum, or simply decided to venture into the universe of modern communications (I am a relic, Marc is not).

Below you will be introduced to something we probably should have activated many moons ago. My sincere thanks to my always technologically savvy brother Marcus for dragging us through a necessary threshold into the future.  -Matt

With the closing of the OTF chapter, we begin the next phase with not one but two new online realms for the Glyos System.

The Glyoverse is a community powered tumblelog where anyone can upload photos, artwork and all types of Glyos related content. Our goal with this site is to cultivate inspiration and excitement for the Glyos System Series, but most importantly to allow the artists, fans, collectors and friends of the line an equal chance to contribute to the community. Matt, Michelle and I can never stop thanking you guys for the incredible support over the years, and we hope this site becomes a tribute to what we have all built together.

We set up a few guidelines for submissions to the Glyoverse. Please read them through before submitting, and also take some time to review the tagging system. The tags will become the filing structure for the Gallery section, coming in the weeks ahead.

The Glyos Tumblr will serve as a fun companion to the Onell blog. The current Blogger site will remain the primary source for all things Onell, whereas the Tumblr will be more of an anything-goes stream of Glyos images and content. We'll be exploring things from the past, present and even the future, including unreleased sketches, scraps, and other oddities.

If you have any questions or feedback, please comment here or email web@glyos.com.

Also, we are looking into various options for a new forum, as well as potentially exploring other social media platforms. The caveman has to get comfortable around a fire before we board any spaceships...

Thanks again for continuing to build this unique and enduring community with us. -Marc

Natural Discussion

Saw this little critter at one of Cady's recent soccer games. Looks like Pheyden is having an interesting conversation with a new friend. Kabuto Mushi must have set this meeting up.


Call Received

Thank you on behalf of Dominic and his housemates for all the support that so many of you have shown since late last week. The words of encouragement and generous donations have really helped lift the spirits of our friends out in Olympia.


Distress Call

Our good friend and fellow Glyos producer, Dominic Campisi of Nemo's Factory, lost almost all of his belongings in a house fire that also affected his housemates just a few days ago. Dominic's clothes, phone, computer and even his original master sculpts were all casualties of the fire's ferocity.

Some of Dominic's friends have set up a special GoFundMe relief campaign to assist in getting things back in order for everyone affected by this recent hard turn. All donations are greatly appreciated by Dominic and his housemates and will be used to replace the damaged and destroyed personal effects of everyone involved in the fire.

Please also check out Dominic's site and take a look at his excellent debut figure, the AV Robot, as well as his incredible original comic book that features artwork by the incomparable Ralph Niese.

We send our best out to you Dom, and know that you'll land on your feet with your trademark resiliency and incredibly positive attitude.


Thank You!!!

Thank you for a solid Labor Day weekend release! The timing was a little tight on the heels of the Force Friday special event (which Marc and I attended a few towns away), but all those great new Stormtroopers will now have some fresh Gendrones to tangle with once the packages start landing early next week (and some this weekend).

This new wave represents an important point in the Gendrone story arc, and finally getting to set the old camera up and actually take those battle pics between Argen and Enyriun was something I've personally been waiting to do for a number of years. It might not seem like much, but those of you that are creatively minded (which I believe is the case with nearly all of our little community) can understand the feeling you get when a idea becomes a reality.

The store was well stocked to hopefully make picking things up a hassle free affair during the launch, with plenty of the main characters and accessories produced to allow folks to check things out at their own pace for at least a few weeks after the initial rollout.

Just like previous metallic waves, the true effects of these special PVC figures are tough to accurately capture through the lens, but they sure do pack a punch once you have them in hand. The new metallic teal blue performs some otherworldly magic under the light, looking like an alien armor generated from beyond. The new metallic blood red is no slouch either, and adds some interesting options when building with the other metallic runs released throughout this year. It's also the "Standard" color I imagined Enyriun appearing in as the Hi-Phaseon configuration. The metallic yellow Sunstorm Crayboth is also sporting a new hue, which again is tough to capture through pics. Plans are to explore this metallic yellow again across some other molds in the near future.

Looking towards October, we have a smaller, specialized assortment on track, focusing on some detail lined "deluxe" versions of a few characters in addition to some Halloween themed selections. Sort of a sequel to last October's round in some respects.

A couple projects are also nearing completion, and I'm personally going a little crazy wanting to share them with you! If things land in the right spots, we should all have some new options to explore before the end of 2015. Let's just hope the Glyarmor cooperates a little easier than our friend Skeleden did during the tooling process.

Thank you once again for coming out for the new release! It's hard to believe that we've all been doing this together for over 8 years. Our family will forever be grateful to each of you for allowing us to continue on this path.

PS -I love the new 5 POA Snowtroopers. Also, Captain Phasma.