Mini Mission Details

The Crayboth have found an interesting rhythm around here this year, after lurking in the background for the majority of their collective existence. This mini release gives the little (and now sometimes big) guys one more round in the spotlight before the year comes to an end. Themed to coincide with the upcoming Halloween festivities, we just couldn't resist the opportunity to make a jack o'lantern inspired Crayboth! Rounding out the assortment of Crays for Sunday night's release are a few other Autumn born color selections, as well as a throwback color mix from our early days (Spirico).

Exploring the different angles of a familiar landscape is very much at the core of Glyos in general, and can sometimes be a divisive aspect of how this project operates. Reproducing the same basic design and finding ways to evolve the source material is a challenge that we still really love around here, and the specific production limitations can actually promote creativity in unexpected ways. After all these years, I still carry a figure around in my pocket no matter where I go, and I do it every day. That small piece of plastic serves as a connection to the dreams of my youth, and reminds me that I never gave up on chasing them. I personally hope that you find something that makes you smile around here, something that makes you feel creative, and that you know the people behind Glyos still absolutely love sharing this strange world with you.

We are still on track for Sunday night, October 26th at 9:30PM EST.

Tracker's Way

Tracker Sarvos Conversion Set (Black/Gray/Red with painted eyes/accents and White tampo w/ Red Phanost head/ Black Pheyden head/ Red Sarvos chest/ Gray Pheyden pelvis/ Gray scarf/ Red scarf/ 1 complete Axis Joint Set/ 1 complete Phase Arm set/ 2 Black PVC Switch Pins -Configured in Tracker Formation) $12 Special Price 
Traveler Harcoriun  (Gray/Black with painted eyes/accents and White tampo w/ Red scar Pheyden head) $8 

Dark Tracker Extra Set (Black with painted red eyes/ gray accents Sarvos head/ Traveler chest/ Sarvos pelvis/ Black Phanost head/ Black Scar Pheyden head) $4

Crayboth Hallowboth $4
Crayboth Drainer $4
Crayboth Spirico $4 
Crayboth Graver $4
Crayboth ???? $4 

Axis Joint Set -Red $4
Axis Joint Set -Gray $4 

Phase Arm/Gobon Blaster Single Set -Red (no paint) $2
Phase Arm/Gobon Blaster Single Set -Gray (no paint) $2

Super Crayboth -Shadow (Matte Black vinyl/Gloss Black paint/Red accents) $25
Super Crayboth -????  $25


Tracker Type

Things have been a little quiet around these parts this month, but the gears have still been steadily turning! A small release is planned for Sunday, October 26th, at 9:30PM EST. The previously set assortment of things has been slightly shuffled, and the new Armorvors will not be surfacing until late November/early December. The new head has been a stubborn little bugger, and I'm looking forward to sharing the process of its creation with you here on the blog.

The main focus of next Sunday's wave is a particular version of Sarvos that's been on deck for a bit. Back when the first Custom Corps rolled out, lots of unique characters were created for the project, and one of my personal favorites was a figure combination called Tracker Sarvos. Tracker had a bulked up right arm that was outfitted with Phase Arm parts, and featured a red, grey and black color selection (paying homage to Matt Trakker of M.A.S.K.). It was tough for me to let that little guy out into the wild, because I had carried it around with me (like dozens of future CCs) and had lots of fun going on various adventures, developing the character's personality. I imagined this Tracker Sarvos as something of a lone wolf, called in to deal with the strange and unexplained. Part Mulder and part Clint Eastwood with a dash of Kwai Chang Caine.

Now, after thinking about making Tracker Sarvos again since back in the CC days, we will be releasing a full production version. The specific colors are set up to connect directly with the Crayhunter and Rig Crew waves, and the color swapping between all of the assortments is pretty fun if you enjoy customizing your stuff. The final wave of 2014 (late November/early December) will also build on the recent assortments, and allow for a very Real Type end to the year.

Additionally, to celebrate the Fall season and cause Tracker Sarvos some trouble, some Halloween inspired  Crayboth are set to invade on Sunday as well! The full list will go up later this week, with pics starting tomorrow. A few small surprises are also in store!



We may not be in NYC this year for comic con, but a certain Traveler is scheduled to warp into the ring with the Kaiju Big Battel crew on Saturday, October 11th, intent on grappling with Mr. Borden's monstrosities for the first time since 2011.

If you feel like seeing something totally bananas and 100% insane, check out the show here.

Good luck Pheyden, you're going to need it!


Kabuto Mushi MK II: Wave Five

The Beetle Master from Beyond, Marty "The Godbeast" Hansen, has something extra special available tonight. Jump over to Marty's store to meet Sectivorus Supreme, golden leader of the Knights Beetorian, as well as the rugged Rig Crew colored Ground Beetorians. Now with more paint applications than ever before, these new Kabuto Mushis have emerged to join in on the action.

This wave marks the very first Kabuto Mushi MK II (Sectivorus Supreme) to feature detail lines, which truly does bring a different look and feel to Marty's sculpt. Over the years I've become equally interested in both detail lined and straight PVC, so getting to have the option to check out both styles is very satisfying. Variety will definitely factor more into the equation as we close in on 2015.

Well done Marty! These new additions were absolutely worth the risk of your investment. I'm looking forward to seeing the next round of Knights!


10 Years Old

Happy Birthday Bubba! Arcadia Jayne Doughty turned 10 years old today, and has now entered the world of double digits. She also pulled out one of her loose teeth at dinner (our maniac child), so the Tooth Fairy even gets in on the celebration!

Also posted above is a screen shot from a stop motion video (starts at 4:18) that Cady made this past August while attending a special Acton TV Stop Animation Camp. She seems to have the same focus on the strange as the rest of us around here! Big thanks to Ron and Shane at Acton TV for showing Cady the ropes over at their studio.

We love you Bubba!


Transformation Stages

The above image was put together back when we were concentrating on Ollen's various animations, working out how the little guy would evolve into his adult form. At one point we had the individual drawings up there all linked together as one transformation GIF, but shuffled things around before we put it to use. In the end this pic landed as the placeholder for our "coming soon" comics page on the old 2002 site.


Adult Ollen

Ollen (adult)
 The above 2002 GIF shows Ollen after he evolves a little, looking grown up and exhibiting a tougher hide. In the early days we came very close to making a urethane version of this creature, but some Space Trappers decided to crash the party.

While on the topic of Space Trappers, the cover of the original mini Rechlen and Aves Visual Guide actually shows Rechlen using a Rig to capture Ollen, with Aves hovering just behind the action. I'll have to dig that one up.




A couple more old GIFs from 2002. These spotlight Ollen in his younger form, flapping his tiny wings in the top image while blinking and thinking in the bottom one. The original idea was to have Ollen grow up as the site expanded. We'll get a look at the results of that concept as these posts continue.

The blinking image appears on the bottom inner flap of the early Glyos boxes.



 Onell design
Digging around the archives around here has yielded some pretty funny old files. The above GIF was on the front page of our site way back in 2002. After I did the drawings of all the little bits, Michelle animated them into this oddball progression.

Over the next few days we'll pop up some of the other finds, which are equally strange. Back then our "mascot" was Ollen, a reptilian critter who lurked around the old site and even made it onto the bottom inside flap of the original Glyos figure packaging. That's him inside that big O.



Ni has five all new flavors of the Outlander currently available over at his 481 Universe Store, along with five matching accessory sets for maximum customizing potential.

The combinations of colors for this assortment include classic Seacon homages as well as some familiar grays (run in ZED/ZRU themed hues).

Make sure to also check out the continuing Outlander story, with artwork by the amazing Cpresti:

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6

The 481 Universe continues to grow!


Rig Crew Mobilize

Ralph strikes again! This fresh take on the Rig Crew (version 2) showcases the uncanny abilities of the Cosmic Illustration Specialist, otherwise known as Bruno Orbit.

Thank you for putting this beauty together, Mr. Time Traveler!


Geodraxus Regeneration

Tonight (September 14th) at 9PM EST, one of our extended family, Pj Bartlett of Spaced Out Design, will be releasing a new generation of his hand cast urethane Geodraxus figures over in the Spaced Out Design store!

Pj has poured an intense amount of energy into the design and development of these new Geodraxus editions, working deep into the night up at Ron's shop in Essex for months. While studying mold making techniques with Ron (my mentor), Pj was able to incorporate the original articulation system we used back in the hand casting days of Rechlen and Aves into his own figure design. The added points of movement and absolutely stunning raw urethane surfaces have popped the Geo character to another level, one that you can truly appreciate even more after seeing the results in hand.

For the last few years Pj has assisted us over here at Onell with not only the shipping detail after releases, but also in the casting department, coming through on multiple occasions with quick molds in a pinch. Thanks to him, I was able to make some modifications to the new Argen head in a tight time crunch when deadlines were shuffled around. A complete team player and super dedicated friend, that's Mr. Bartlett.

We feel extremely fortunate to have met the "Kid from Beverly", and our whole family wishes Pj the very best on his launch tonight.

Good luck Pj!


Shipping Attack!

Shipping started last night and will be keep cooking until everything hits the post. We should be wrapped up by late tomorrow night/Saturday morning. Meg (Deft Lefty) , Marcus (Bit Kicker), Pj (Granite Guru), Michelle (Printing Pariah) and I (Dark Santa) are deep down in the Reverse Paradise of Upside Down Cardboard!

Yes, I have been up for too many hours.

Thanks for your patience as we chip away at the orders!



Training Days

Gearius trained intensely with various Heavy Armored Rigs after being assigned to Block Base Gray, eventually earning the armor of his mentor, Master Operator Syvericor.


Thank You!!!

Thank you for making the return of the Rig Crew a good one!

Bringing back Gearius and Klace continues the overall theme of 2014, with many of the core characters from the Passcodes and comics getting updated releases. Gearius holds a special place in our strange history, as the master prototype Scar Pheyden sculpt was based on a custom Gear's Edge Pheyden I cut into way back in our early days. I remember playing with that figure like crazy and modifying the look as time passed, adding a scarf and removable belt into the mix. The removable scarves and belts that the current Rig Crew II Travelers feature were specifically developed during those years of experimenting with that old Scar Pheyden custom. I still have "Desert Scar" sitting on my desk and keeping the other long lost customs in line, even his battle worn brother, the other Scar Pheyden. Maybe the fact that I have always had a crummy right eye somehow translated into my figures perpetually having some kind of ocular issues in their own tiny lives. I guess I should put some interchangeable glasses in the next steel tool.

Looking (with one eye) into the next few months, expect to see two more releases before the year wraps up, one in late October and one in late November/early December. The October wave will see the debut of the previously mentioned new Armorvor head, which is an all new sculpt. This addition will allow for you to still play with the "helmeted" wolf head, but also introduce a different race into the mix , effectively giving you two types of critters. The new head design is not meant to simulate "fitting inside" the current helmeted head like the original furry wolf noggin, but instead serves as a completely separate bipedal species that utilizes the Armorvor technology. As the Armorvor wolf head paid homage to the much loved original Battle Beasts line, this new head is also a tribute to something from the 80's, albeit a bit more obscure.

Wrapping up, our family remains forever grateful for all your support! After so many years and with so much stuff out there to discover, it means everything that you still have interest in the things we do around here. Thank you once again for continuing to play in this corner of the universe!


Rig Crew II

 The Store is LIVE!
Refresh: onelldesign.com/store

Edit: All limits have been lifted and you may place additional orders. Thank you!

You may place 
ONE ORDER WITHIN THE FIRST HOUR tonight. We are seeing a high volume of traffic and need everyone's cooperation to make this as smooth as possible. After the initial dust settles, we will allow customers to place another order. Thanks for your understanding and support. Have fun!

Please note the Buildstation has also been updated with past releases.

Disruptive Behavior

Core Interface

Warning Signs


Unseen Forces

Mission Details

This list was a bit of a roller coaster to put together, as I received everything later than planned (I always check the goods in hand before completing and publishing the official release specifics). My sincere apologies for the late posting of the final details.

It's hard to believe that it was four years ago that we first met the original Rig Crew, introduced in one of our longest Passcodes, Soul of the Traveler. I remember working around the clock with Marcus and Rich "Disasterpeace" Vreeland, as we collectively went a little more bananas with each passing day. The end result was an absolute and complete collaboration, and I'm still very thankful for how far Marcus and Rich pushed the limits to make something that I still believe holds up after a pretty good amount of time. That project will forever be one of my favorites, and the outcome of our triple attack produced something that transported the three of us into a very satisfying and creative dimension.

A couple notes about this new assortment:

-The painted accents on Gearius and Klace feature the first decorated Dark Traveler chest piece (they should know better than to mess around with that armor).

-There are four PVC colors mixed between the Travelers, consisting of Brown, Dark Brown, Black and Sand (the old Gear's Edge hue).

-The Armorvor wolf head officially makes its exit after this round.

-The Glyans once again are configured in the "Hunter" build, utilizing the Dark Traveler outer scarf and belt to beef things up.

We are still on track for this Sunday, September 7th at 9:30PM EST! 

On to the list!

Rig Crew II

Glyan -Rig Crew Standard (Brown/Black with Green visors and White tampo w/ reconfigured Dark Traveler scarf and belt) $8
Glyan -Rig Crew Reverse (Black/Brown with Black visors and White tampo w/ reconfigured Dark Traveler scarf and belt) $8

Rig Crew Operator Gearius (Brown/Black/Sand with painted eyes/ Dark Brown accents and White tampo w/ Dark Traveler head/Traveler belt/Traveler scarf/Inner Dark Traveler scarf) $9
Rig Crew Commander Klace  (Black/Dark Brown with painted eyes/ Dark Brown accents and White tampo w/ Dark Traveler head/Traveler belt/Traveler scarf/Inner Dark Traveler scarf) $9
Rig Crew Tracker Durleryn (Sand/Brown/Dark Brown with painted eyes and White tampo w/Phanost head and Dark Brown Pheyden head/Pheyden chest/Pheyden pelvis) $9 

Armorvor  -Rig Crew Mimic (Brown/Black Paint with Green visors and bonus head) $9
Armorvor  -Neo Phase (Clear Green with Black visors and bonus head) $9
Armorvor  -Stealth MK V (No Paint and bonus head) $8

Crayboth Reverse Disruptor Elite $4
Crayboth ??? $4

Swing Joint Set -Brown $4
Swing Joint Set - Black $4

Hub Set -Brown with Black accent and White tampo $4
Hub Set -Black with Green accent and White tampo $4
NOTE- Each Hub Set is sold in a specific Drone configuration.

Axis Joint Set -Brown $4
Axis Joint Set -Black $4 
Axis Joint Set -Neo Phase (Clear Green) RESTOCK $3 SPECIAL PRICE 
Phase Arm/Gobon Blaster Single Set -Brown with Black accent $2
Phase Arm/Gobon Blaster Single Set -Black with Green accent $2

Super Crayboth -Disruptor Pod Leader (Purple Vinyl/Dark Purple paint/Light Pink accents) $25

Heavy Armored Rig -Rig Crew (Light Gray Vinyl/Gray Paint with Black accents and White tampo prints) $25

Core Block -Rig Crew (Light Gray Vinyl/Gray Paint with Black accents and White tampo print) $12 

Conversion Set (consists of 1 short Rig Arm and 1 Long Rig Arm for customizing vinyl figures) -Rig Crew (Light Gray Vinyl/Gray Paint with Black accents and White tampo prints) $12

Marcus and I have been wanting to run a new version of Gearius for a bit, and this year lined up to be the right one to bring the old Traveler back, along with Klace in some Real Type hues. Speaking of hues, the subtle combinations of browns and grays in this wave took a number of attempts to get just right, and definitely ranked high up there in the challenge department. We hope you like how everything turned out!

Thanks for reading this word whirlwind!


Tracking Patterns

Almost done with the list! Just have a few more details to finalize.


Last of Their Kind

There will be two all new Armorvor colors available this Sunday night (Rig Crew Mimic and Neo Phase), as well as the return of the clear colorless Stealth Armorvor MK V.  These three runs mark the last time that the "wolf" head will be produced, as something new will be taking its place in the Armorvor mold starting in late October. The armored style head (shown above) and backpack will remain in the mix, but expect a new challenger very soon!



The Rig Crew returns this Sunday, September 7th, at 9:30PM EST. Details and list coming soon!


The Walking Dud Ultra Rotten Edition

Our friends at True Cast Studio will be releasing the very first fully painted production version of Adam Smith's insanely detailed Walking Dud figure (with tag team sculpting by the one and only Jason Frailey) this Sunday, August 31st, at 8PM CST over in their store. A light blue single color edition will be available as well (which matches our Standard Pheyden PVC hue), to balance out both ends of the spectrum!

The paint applications are absolutely intense on this nasty little zombie! Layers upon layers of saturated colors push the already sinister sculpt into territory only previously matched by Adam Smith's very limited hand painted resin runs. It's pretty neat setting the deluxe painted type next to the simplified light blue version and studying the effects of the paint on the core details.

Overall, an awesome and unique take on the popular zombie genre. I would love to see more classic creatures rendered in this style.

Congratulations to Adam and True Cast Studios on this landmark release!


Banimon Multi Mech 2

A few more Banimon Multi Mech forms and a look at the core design configuration from the top.