Wave 74 is GO!

Wave 74 is live!

Huge thanks go out to Ralph for creating two brand new illustrations to commemorate our 11th anniversary and the launch of the Mechabon/Zetonian! Incredible as always, Ralph!

Note: Please place only ONE ORDER WITHIN THE FIRST HOUR TONIGHT. We will lift all limits after the first hour. Thanks for your cooperation. Have Fun!

The Revolutionaries

Mechabon Juggernaut Configuration

Mechabon Xycoss Phase Formation

16bit.com Special Crossover: Traveler Vlixden

A very special release in collaboration with one of our all time favorite sites, run by the prolific Adam Pawlus! Check out Adam's exclusive first look review over at 16bit.com for the rundown on how this Traveler came to be!

Thank you for inspiring this figure, Adam! Now we just have to get Hasbro to make its big brother again!

Hades MK V Conversion Set: Sarvos Gennim


Mechabon Gendrone Revolution

Crayboth Sentinel MK III

Villser Sentinel


Hades MK V


Revolutions and Reinventions

Our 11th anniversary wave is all set to roll out next Thursday, July 12th at 9:30PM EDT!
But before that, make sure to check out the Toyfinity store later tonight at 7PM EDT, as John will publicly debut an all new Toyfinity character with some very interesting connections to what we have cooking for Wave 74...


Bit Figs: Cosmic Wave

New at the Culture Pirates shop: Cosmic Wave Animal Series 2 and 3!

Grab all 10 characters from the Safari and Marine sets in one limited edition 10-pack.

Bit Figs Space Series have started popping up in vending machines around the country – if you happen to discover one, take a photo and share it with us! They are also available in 5-packs here.

Thank you for the continued support and happy summer!


Crystal Croc


Thank You!!!

Thank you for a surprisingly strong turnout for a really weird release! We weren't sure what to expect with this wave, as the subject matter was so specific and connected directly to a very obscure property. Thanks to you, though, things turned out pretty good, and apparently, you guys really like Phanost in green (ha!). It was a true dream to work on this tribute, and I'm extra thankful that you allowed it to meet with some success.

Speaking of this wave, one of the major elements that kept rolling around in my head from the beginning was the desire to see an "updated" catalog-type set of illustrations that pulled right from the original source material. Of course, Ralph Niese was the artist that could make that wish come true. The above illustrations bring it all together, and Ralph's hyper mutant abilities (Mutorius?) once again delivered the goods above and beyond, right down to the classic font style! Ralph, you 1000% nailed it! Thank you for pushing the concept to where it needed to go!

On another note, we were super psyched to be able to release the all new KOTS crossover Rift Killer in this assortment. Rising from a truly collaborative effort between Jesse D, Ant Sok, Erwin Papa and myself, the Rift Killer, like so many secret projects, had been in the works for a spell. Finally seeing this crazy figure go into full production has been a blast. The RK truly has some wild DNA! Jesse D has fantastic plans for this character in the KOTS universe, and we have a few adventures to take this intriguing villain on as well! Huge thanks to the Toy Pizza crew for their dedication and inspiration. We'll get a little more into the Rift Killer in an upcoming post.

All orders placed since the release last week have been processed and shipped, save for the ones that came in earlier today. As always, the mega team of Michelle and Pj never missed a beat and made quick time moving through the orders. We went into the archive for packing tunes and pulled out some Taking Back Sunday and Saosin for the barn soundtrack. Pj and I both practically lost our voices singing (screaming) along.

Our next release is set for early July, and will stand as our 11th year anniversary and Wave 74. Some fun plans have come together for this one, and we'll be revisiting a few old friends and meeting a new one as well. Hopefully it will hit the right notes. We'll also be wrapping up the AP mystery series soon, although there are a couple "honorary" space vintage AP figure selections that we've debated continuing the sub-set with. It will be hard to say goodbye to those homages!

I think I've kept it relatively short this time (right), in comparison to the usual scroll-a-thon that escapes my Swiss cheese brain. Thanks again for all the continued interest in not just what we do over here, but also in what the super talented Glyos makers do across the spectrum. It's the variety of projects that keeps things exciting, and being able to see new figures come to life never gets old. This only works because we're all in it together.


Wave 73 is GO!

Wave 73 is live!


Cosmic Regeneration

Open a Dimension Gate to the past, next Tuesday, May 29th at 9:30PM EDT.




Bit Figs: Pheyden


Bit Figs: Crayboth

Bit Figs: Glyan


Bit Figs: Qualloid

Bit Figs: Astroloc



Worlds Within Reach

Huge thanks to Ralph for an awesome set of dynamic illustrations!


Worlds Within

Artwork by the incredible Ralph Niese!



Thank You!!!

Thank you for exploring the "slightly pink" Villser Ullmoriun Biovessel with us over the last week! We really appreciate all the steady communication that has been popping up in those comments as well. It always feels good to talk with you guys, and even after all these years we're still gaining new insight into our community on a regular basis. Marking our 72nd wave is only possible because of your true interest in this stuff, and we'll keep on creating within this world as long as we have the ability to do so.

I'll attempt to keep things short(ish), I promise!

Beyond the return of the Buildstation, this recent wave wraps up our small trio of "Real Type" releases as we head towards the warmer months. It's a blast endlessly exploring the oddball hues of Real Type color theory, so revisiting the genre later this year is a definite. In the meantime, we'll continue to nose around the Biovessel with some special posts popping up over the next week.

Speaking of upcoming releases, our next one (late May) focuses on a pretty specific and somewhat obscure homage that some of you may be familiar with from when you were kids. It's a little outside the more popular 80's toylines, but does have some significant meaning behind the scenes over here, particularly in regard to the DSG design. I consider this coming wave a temporally displaced birthday gift to my much younger and less gray counterpart, playing under the bed somewhere in a permanent 1984. Be prepared for extra weirdness with this one, and of course, expect a couple surprises.

Almost every order placed up until late last night has headed to the post. As usual, Michelle and Pj were the dual forces responsible for keeping things on track. Little Dragon and a dash of Fleetwood Mac scored the barn mayhem for the week. Quick note for those of you that may have received two different tracking numbers; please disregard the first one you received and just follow the second one that was issued. We had an old school Paypal hiccup and had to re-enter the shipping on a few orders.

I said I'd keep it short and I almost got there! Thanks once again for being part of Glyos and for all the awesome creative inspiration that you continue to share not only with us, but most importantly, with each other.