Light Challenge

This new color combination must have been destined to spend a lot of time outside, because the sun is pretty much the best light source for shooting pics! There is this very cool, almost color changing effect which starts happening as you look at the toys under different lighting. Sometimes the Pappysoup green is almost brownish looking, then you walk into another room and it has a rich green hue. The PMS 374C paint accents also hop from being nearly a pale yellow to an almost neon green depending on where you are looking at the toy. It seems almost like some kind of camouflage AI coating is on all this stuff.

The only challenge to all this color morphing is that this Volkriun wave is pretty tough to take pictures of with any definite consistency. You guys may notice that the green hues will look sometimes drastically different in these posts. Some of these upcoming pics were shot in the studio, some outside and some landed right in the middle.

I hope you guys enjoy these next few rounds leading up to tomorrow night. We will be working around  the clock right up to the drop to make this one to remember.


  1. These look great!
    Which side is the Task Force and which side is the Commandos ?

    1. The Commandos, I believe, match the Sarvos, while the Task Force matches the Cray and the 'Doc.

  2. Lots of cool green parts to use for building in this drop. I'm going to have to make sure I'm home by the time it goes live. O_O

  3. Correct me if I'm wrong, but the Olive Buildman has a Pappysoup neck?
    Glad to see the Crayboth out in front. Those Gobons in defilade also have me champing at the bit. Starting to get the puppy wiggles; come on, Sunday!

  4. Wow, the green is pretty striking in this shot! Just what lighting is being used here?