Big Brother

After crossing over some extremely rough terrain, the trio finally catch up to what they've been tracking for the past few weeks:  The Heavy Caliber MCT. 

Thought to have been destroyed since vanishing on its last mission, the massive machine slowly begins to let its guard down upon recognizing the smaller prototype MCT.

This larger build was one of the first things I made with a production Block in combination with some Conversion Kits. The paint job has a brighter finish on one side and a darker finish on the other, so that each mode has a slightly different feel. These customs were fun to beat up on the rocks of Gloucester.


  1. It's really something to see not only the customs themselves, but to do so in a way that tells a story like these last few posts. The Heavy's is a simple transformation, but a very effective one, and in both modes it looks perfect next to its smaller cousin.

    Are there any more surprises in the works for Conversion Kit builds?

  2. Thanks Roy! I remember when the first shots of the Block came in, and wanting to slice the thing to ribbons but feeling conflicted because I only had a few (I chopped them anyway).

    The Conversion Kits seem to lend themselves to ED-209 type things with just a few cuts and twists. The idea of a tank with feelings is almost a counter intuitive idea, yet we seem to imagine the scenario of these pics that same way, so I guess it does make some sense -at least to three of us! Ha!

    I do have a few more strange builds using the Conversion Kits floating around, and I'm very excited to duplicate them using the vinyl from the drop coming at the end of this month.

    1. It's only human to anthropomorphize things, right? Even tanks aren't immune; some of the most popular robots from the past decade have been that Tachikoma, little more than tanks with childlike wonder and personalities. Apparently, such strangeness isn't without precedent or contemporaries!

      By the way, I'd love to see some of those vinyl parts be used toward construction and labor 'mechs, and might have to take a stab at it before the year's out. The new Hub parts should make linking PVC arms and cranes to the vinyl easier, right?