The Armodoc from this wave may be my favorite color swap to date. I guess loving the entire spectrum of the color green doesn't hurt.

I still like to go to the supermarket with Michelle and the kids and stare at the "Olive Bar", which is literally loaded with a massive variety of olives. Not even their beautiful colors could get me to eat one though. Ha!


  1. Ooooo...O_O I wonder how he'll look with the purple arms from another Armodoc I have..

    And as a former employee of a supermarket, I can attest to staying away of the Oliver Bar. People would "sample" olives from it all the time....and they wouldn't always use the spoons.. @_@... Towards the end before the store closed, the olive bar was dismantled and the olives moved into the deli case to avoid cross-contamination from random people. Much better idea I think.

    1. Damn -- thanks to the two of you, now I'm hungry for olives. Love me olives, even if they do come from a nasty ol' cross-contaminated bin. (Build those immunities, hoo-yah!)
      Now the Volkriun crew will always remind me olives.

  2. matt armodoc are no more enemy of pheyden?