Morning Maneuvers

Recently I was lucky enough to take a "break of dawn" kayak excursion with none other than the legendary Pappysoup, over at Bare Hill Pond in Harvard, MA.

Of course I brought along a few companions for the trip, as evidenced by the lily pad crouching going on in the above pictures (iPod shots). What an incredible place, with a glass like surface on the water that looked unreal. Pappy was a fishing machine and we explored just about every corner of the pond (I saw a turtle as well).

All of these outdoor shots have been part of a process that is leading up to our end of July release, as nature plays an important part of certain aspects related to what we have been cooking. We want to make this drop something extra special, in honor of our 5th anniversary of making full production toys (which is this month).

Thanks for bearing with all of these nature shots, I personally hope some of you have been enjoying at least a few of them. They were really fun to shoot!

Michelle, Marc, Megan, Jesse and I would  like to wish everybody an awesome SDCC this week! We already miss seeing all of our old friends, but have been having a great time being with our families after so many years of heading out west for the big show.  On a related note, NYCC is shaping up to be pretty packed with a solid roster of awesome artists, so maybe keep some time open in October and be prepared to eat after the show!

Sneaks of the July release are on deck and will be popping up very soon!


  1. I love the Lily pad shots! Thanks for share with us!

  2. I wonder if poor Pheyden was worried about falling under one of those lily pads. You are a gutsier man that I am sir for taking that shot!

  3. Beautiful. Maybe I'll go to New England this summer after all, what with all the beautiful shots you've been posting. Are you getting subsidized by tourism boards for this?

    Gorgeous shots, and the Hades on the lily pad is downright iconic. It's so very easy to picture him, running around only when he has to, exploring this crazy new world and its peace...

  4. Wow, the dawn and lily pads shots are really beautiful!

  5. AWESOME shot on the lily pads Matt. When Beth & I went with my family to Lake Winnipesaukee in summer of 2010, we had lily pads close by to the house we all were staying at. Unfortunately I didn't want to risk damaging my digital camera so I chickened out and never took the shots LoL (that was the same week I took photos for the Commander Grott & the Prutarran Criminal Catchers photo comic incidentally). I think I need to make you a frog-guy to pose on any future lily pads you come across, as that shot is just too cool.

    Beth & I are looking forward to NYCC this year & already got our 4-Day passes bought & paid for. I will make sure not to eat alot those days so I'll be up for the challenge of "NYCC Food Crawl 2012". Although I might have to visit Crif Dogs before then... ~_^

  6. That look a lot like the lake behind my moms house here in Florida. Crazy. Shame I didn't get to explore more of MA.

  7. Those nature shots are all stunning! I can't wait for the next wave, I get the feeling from the hints that the colors are going to be right up my alley. I've been taking different Glyos figures in my pocket with me lately and cycling through old and new friends. I've been having a ton of fun taking outside pictures with Deslin Exellis and Volkriun Sarvos and Pheyden especially, so if they're in the same vein as those I'm going to be super happy and super broke :)

  8. As always, thank you so much for the kind words, Matt! It was nothing short of spectacular to have the opportunity to share such a special place with a dear friend. While watching your close and patient observation of everything big and small, I couldn't help but wonder what worlds and creatures you were creating inside that amazing mind of yours; it was certainly a treat to behold. The gloriously crispy hash browns after our excursion weren't too shabby, either!

  9. I love fishin' in the lilies for hogs! Hoppin' fake frog lures (or real ones if you got them), grape rubber worms w/ pink twisty tails...then BAM! What did you pull out of there? I assume bass, crappie, perch, sunfish/bluegills...what else is in there? Any fish photos to share bro? Gotta love the glass still surface for some surface action (hula popper, jitterbug, etc...)

    A little tip I use to catch some HUGE Large Mouth Bass...get yourself some small green sunfish, hook them through the back right under the dorsal fin, put a bobber on about 2-2.5' deep and cast it on the edge of the lilies. Seriously, I have landed HUGE bass, catfish, and monster crappie (believe it or not) on green sunfish for bait w/ a bobber!

    Great to see ya around again bro! MJ wants one of your Buildmen pretty bad (only one he is missin'), but, I told him, "Someday he will offer them up for sale."