For as long as I can remember, I've been building little ships for my toys. From shoe boxes to tin foil, I would use just about any material I could get my hands on to make things for my figures to ride in (or on). It was discount vehicles or bust!

The vinyl that we have been making for the past few years has slowly found its way into becoming a building system in its own right. It helps to be a little crafty with a blade, but building with the vinyl can really open up the playing field for the PVC figures.

So, I used 180 Wedges, about 250 Switch Pins and 8 Blocks to make the "Tri-Liner". It weighs about 7 pounds currently (I'm still tweaking it), opens up and when fully extended is about 2 feet in length (more on that later). Flying it around out back has been a total trip. The neighbors must think that I've been playing with some kind of futuristic breadbox.

Well, you can fit a loaf of bread inside the thing.


  1. Almost $900 for a breadbox! That looks like one hell of a build, I can't wait to see the surprises you have in store for us with this build.

  2. Wow, Matt. That is . . . wow. It's hard to say something like "that's the most amazing thing you've ever built" every time you come up with something new, as each build naturally surpasses, in some way, the one that came before. The Zorennor wave brought us a spaceship unlike any other you've built, using connections that pushed boundaries; the Stealth Dimension wave brought the most intricate humanoid vinyl builds to date; and here we are, with a preview of the largest vinyl build yet, with more secrets yet to be revealed.

    You outdo yourself each time with ingenuity and sheer crazy, Matt. Kudos!

  3. Well, I finally got to see that adorable Hi-Phaseon variant! Too bad it involves chopping up Switch Pins, which I am not skilled at.

    I love the vehicle! Reminds me of a military vehicle I had to model in 3D for a class project last semester.

  4. Holy crap a sand crawler! That is pretty awesome.

  5. Ooooah! Shades of Optimus Prime's trailer...?

    I also did not expect to see a curved surface on the front of the crawler! Fun!

  6. So we're still on for tonight? Can't wait!!!