Mobile Conversion Tank

Some more detailed shots of the Mobile Conversion Tank, which is made up completely of Conversion Kits with holes cut in specific spots for the connection points. The proportions are paying homage to all the beefy little compact tanks that starred in so many old school video games. Having the ability to twist into a few configurations adds some spice to the mix and makes the toy more fun to play with, especially outside (where I've been spending more time than usual lately).

I'm working on another tank, one that will serve as the final prototype for what I want to build with the upcoming Real Type wave, which is due this month. A functioning cockpit should work its way into the next design, as this current version is more like a Test Type, seeing lots of action on its missions to gain more technical data.


  1. That tank is totally awesome!!! Is that 4 short rig arms and three long rig arms I see it made out of? There needs to be more Glyos tanks in my future! Super excited for the Real Type drop, too!

  2. The paint looks great. Looks like marbling.

  3. Ahhh... Real Type. Can't wait!