Volkriun Flyby

A rough little byproduct from an outside photo shoot...


  1. And every time I think the block base can't get any cooler...

    Can't wait for the photos! Or the surprises :) Or the new story stuff! OR OR OR-

  2. I noticed that the Buildman at :11 on the far right behind the Gobons has an unfamiliar head. Is that a new sculpt or a trick of the camera? It's cool regardless.

  3. "Stay on target. Stay on target..."
    Yup, that's the first thing that came to mind.
    That and thart it's 20 seconds of pure awesomeness!

  4. Neat little video! And which song is playing? I like it!

  5. That was fun, and quite the tease.
    Hey, Matt, can we get some clean shots of the Buildmen before the drop? I'd like to know what the Pappysoup/Olive ratio is, particularly on the backpacks.

  6. I really liked that little video, the music & the flying over the toys is so familiar to me...I can't place the music but it reminds me of an old Late 70's-to-Early 80's children's show thing, if that makes any sense? I love it, so-so cool. I like the Wedge-Set Bunker you made too, a lot of cool builds in their also. And a Green Armodoc? I might have to grab one of those, not sure when a green Armodoc will be around again. Kudos dude! :-D