Test Type Trio

Some shots of Hades, Klace and the Mobile Conversion Tank. I imagine that Klace has teamed up with Hades, having been selected to join the mysterious Classified Division, where only the darkest missions are assigned. Looks like they might be tracking something in this sequence.

I don't know why I like having the Travelers crouch on this thing so much, but it just seems to always end up that way! Maybe I should change the tank's name to the Continuous Crouching Platform.


  1. Was going to comment how these outdoor shots look like old TV sci-fi - then I saw Ghost Lion's comment a few posts back - we actually have a strange old quarry very near us that was the location for 'Destiny of the Daleks'- planned to do a shoot for Future Nibbler there 2 yrs ago but never got around to it..

  2. is there anyway i can find the "blue prints" or recipe for that tank? it looks really cool but is puzzling me while i try to piece it out.

    1. I'll take a few pics of the tank all taken apart this week and post them up.
      The cut spots will make you laugh when you see the locations.

  3. I really like that little tank, I imagine that it's a sentient vehicle that ferries Klace & Hades around, then morphs to an assault mode to aid in battle. Axis joints are so amazingly fun I also can't help but put my axis-jointed figures. Great photos & can't wait for the drop when it happens.

  4. That tank is awesome. I too hope that someone can deconstruct it so I can build one. Plus that pait job in the cats pajamas.

  5. Maybe it's standard operating procedure for Classified Division members to crouch as often and as dramatically as possible?

    The tank is a clever build, and the paint scheme brings it over the top. And I second Chris' notion that it's a sentient companion, rather than just a simple tank; it just makes for better adventuring that way!

  6. The CCP :-) Has a great mini-rig feel to it.