The Real Voss

CC and I (Cady and Michelle were busy swimming) gathered up a variety of sea glass over the weekend, and even found some of that rare aqua green tinted kind, which the recent Neo Voss color was based on. The pure, emerald looking green was the inspiration for the original Phase Pheyden.

Seeing Gloucester a little more through the camera lens has made me look even closer at how much the place still influences the way I see shapes and colors. Each trip up to the coast reveals something new, even after all these years.

Plus, the scallops rule.


  1. Scallops eh? Will have to get out there sometime. The scallops I had in Maine at the Lobster Shack at Two Lights were fantastic. Need to back there when it isn't so foggy haha.

  2. CC, what a ham for the camera...hehehe

    That sea glass is SUPER KEWL bro...I don't remember seein' any on the shore when we were there. Now I am gonna have my eyes peeled a lot closer this time up....I think I was too preoccupied w/ the crabs and trickin' MJ into gettin' pinched by one! hahaha

    Heck ya the scallops were awesome up there (bet fresh right there on the shore is even better), so was the lobster roll and always linguiƧa (got a couple of them in the freezer right now).


  3. Ahh ok, so THAT'S where the color came from. It's always amazing to me how different things influence us when we create. I didn't realize just how much the Muppet monsters influences my creature creations until the other day when Beth & I were watching Muppets stuff on You Tube.

    The night & day before my wedding I had to stay at my parent's house so while I was there I went through my childhood toy box to sort out which toys I wanted to keep & which I wanted to sell. Doing so, I found a lot of toys I'd not looked at in a long time and why certain colorways seen in Glyos appealed so heavily to me. The subconscious mind is an interesting thing. Glad you guys are having some summer fun together & getting to unwind a bit. :-)

  4. Is it possible to still be full two days later ?

  5. thats really really cool. love the color, thanks for sharing the inspiration and beach comber treasures :) from one comber to another, great find :)

  6. Beautiful insights to your world. Thank you so much for posting what you do.

    Amazing what influence our environments have on us.
    It seems kinda dumb saying it out loud... Of course our environments influence us!

    I guess what I mean to say is, there are sacred places to us individually. And it's not like anything outstanding had to happen in a place, but sometimes we're drawn to, to experience, to feel the soul of a place and it speaks to us, and then stays with us, a part of us, forever. Deep stuff, but cool stuff.

    Yoda was onto somethin' man... I just know it. :)

  7. Yes the fried scallops from Captain Hook's in Gloucester are amazing. The fried Haddock sandwich is equally as good.