Before we get into more of our regular posting,  I felt compelled to say that all our hearts go out to the families who were affected by the tragedy that occurred in Newtown, Connecticut on the 14th.

In general I like to keep posting things in the "real" world to a minimum here, but this is an incident we're all having a hard time shaking. Raising kids is such a combination of love, hard work and sacrifice that to even think about losing a child is painful enough, for it to actually happen is utterly incomprehensible -under any circumstance.

When things like this occur, the question is always "why". There is no acceptable answer that will ever make any sense, but we'll try to love our little ones even more than ever before, in dedication to the 26 people that lost their lives at Sandy Hook Elementary School last Friday morning.


  1. As an elementary teacher my self as well as a father of two daughters, one a first grader, this hits way too close to home. It has been a tough weekend, my prayers go out to all that have been hit by this tragedy.

  2. This one hit on a lot of levels. I've worked in classes from Pre-K to High and love kids. This has happened in my state in an area that I have been off and on. A place that seems a lot like my own town. Mere words will never express my horror.

  3. Peace and solace unto us all, most of all those whose lives are forever changed by such tragedy, and envy not the task of rising past fear to the hope of healing and a better tomorrow, though may we always undertake such challenge and know hope, for that is true courage. Thank you for making this post, Matt. All the best to your family, and to all those reading these words for whom this resonates so deeply.

  4. it's the saddest thing. I can only hope that those affected can find happiness again someday. there truly are no words.

  5. While I don't live under a rock, I most-certainly don't keep up with current events, so this was my first hearing of this incident. As someone in the field of childhood development, I can definitely say that any expression of grief would be an understatement.

    My prayers go out to those affected.