Buildman Concepts

As we close out 2012, Marcus and I will be posting a fairly steady stream of conceptual artwork, forgotten finished illustrations and a bit of random Glyos related imagery, along with a few more color mechanicals.

Since we just popped up the Buildman color mechanicals yesterday, we'll keep the ball rolling with a look back at where that weirdo first began to really surface. The above set of drawings represent the original designs for what would eventually become the full production Buildman Gendrone.

Originally I was thinking about making the "drone" head look just like an old character from the Microshow days that I called Microdroid Ranic. As I developed the sculpt, the drone head changed, and gained the more prominent vertical ridge that exists today. Buildman Ranic was very close to coming with an early Phase Arm attachment to go along with the backpack. These drawings were completed towards the end of 2007.

Looking at these again, I kind of want to make that first Ranic head. Though I think the new one I've been working on might be a little more fun.


  1. Cant wait to see! Keep em coming!

  2. Thanks Pj!

    How goes the "Tree" planting? Looking forward to seeing where you take that concept!

  3. That alternative head design really remnds me of the main piece of a Phase Arm. Now I understand why you like to use that piece as a robot head, it definitely works!

    Those beam-like sections are pretty mysterious! They remind me of the strange pieces found on the Callgrim warp gears.

  4. Have loved the last two posts. After the Gobon, the Gendrone is my favorite figure. I really dig the head, it's very bug-like. Would love to have dozens of them swarming on my shelf!

    New head? Can't wait to see that! I do like the look of that other head also.

  5. Oh, hey! That phase arm is similar to the polystone stylings. So here's my vote to see that concept make to production. (What? We're not voting anymore?)

    And Happy Holidays to clan Onell!

    1. It's funny that you specify each side of the fist is a female socket. Just points out concepts that are now taken for granted were brand-new sometime.

  6. I would love to see an official "Ranic" figure become more prevalent, the way Jesse's alt Riac head became its own character.


  7. The details on this are quite striking, compared to the production Buildman design. Would there be any possibility of having an alternate mold made-up for it, maybe as a companion piece to the current Gendrone?

  8. Oh wow. i cant tell you how much i want that head!. it looks amazing. the old phase arms look really cool too.

    i see so many hint of Callgrim in these designs. how did the two line grow their individual looks?