Phase Arm/Gobon Blaster Concepts

These were the first Phase Arm and Gobon Blaster sketches that really started to define the look and functionality of what would become the final versions. You can see little differences in certain areas, but for the most part things remained pretty close to these designs.

However, a very important addition came later in the production process, when the two holes on the sides of the Gobon Blaster base disc were added. This decision was made after getting the initial test shots and messing around for a bit. Very quickly it became clear that having greater options was more important than preserving a smoother aesthetic.

Amazing what two simple little fit functions opened up!

Fact #1: It took from mid 2007 until mid 2009 to get the proper Phase Arm/Gobon Blaster Sets finally into full production.

Fact #2: The bottom drawing was the very first attempt at a Phase Arm, and was influenced heavily by the  Crayboth's Arm Blaster design.


  1. It's cool seeing the axis disk in the original gobon blaster. It's also very cool seeing all this material!