The Council is in Session!

The store is LIVE! Make sure to REFRESH to see what's new!

Stick around after the mayhem to check out some brand new content, which will be popping up shortly after everything gets rolling. The German Illustration Guru returns with  all new artwork that follows some dark actions taken against the Council of Travelers.


  1. Ah man! Why is the council defender limited? I was planning to get three. Frowny face!

  2. Syclodoc sold out in 5 minute! Literally snatched from my cart! Jeebus.

  3. Damn !!! Got my whole X-Mas list before the Syclodoc sold out ;P NICE drop guys, thanks for the cool year !!!

  4. woo... got my syclodoc, travelers and armorvors... I'm so happy

    and now I have no money

    love Jesse's art though...

  5. I was interested in Urballim before, since I have spare black traveler pieces and black-gold is one of my all-time favourite colour combinations (along with greyscales and purples), but now that new image showing off the shine....

    But it's impossible to buy one since I don't have the funds and PayPal takes a week to transfer money, so oh well! I suppose it's a reason why it's good to have friends?

    On a more positive note, I'm looking forward to a very nicely-coloured Hi-Phaseon, blue with red all over it, and stark contrast to the clear and solid-coloured (and a drab, though nice, Commando) Hi-Phaseons I currently have. (And I only just realise an amusing anecdote - the university in my town has the colours blue and red, so they're everywhere here).

    Anyway, excellent work as always, and good luck on all the future drops to come!

  6. Crazy. Simply crazy. Can't wait for the after-action report on this group!