On Track

We are on track for the 9:30 PM EST launch tonight, December 12, 2012! I guess it was meant to be that the new release would fall on this day. The behind the scenes production of this wave has been one of the more interesting rides yet (and it's still going).

We'll pop a few more pics up in a bit!


  1. Having just got home from a job interview, I can honestly say that tonight is going to be a much-needed first step in unwinding. What else have you got in store for us? Maybe some more shots of our Legion friends?

  2. Oh man. The Armorvor just never stops looking awesome.

  3. Wow. What a badass. So the Armorvors come with 2 heads?

    1. Yep! And a "backpack" piece that can be a head or a blaster or anything you want. The armored head turns around too!

  4. I received my first toys from you the other day and OH MAN are they cool. Sitting here waiting for the new ones to pop-up in the store.

    Very cool designs