Lost Projects: Alter Pheyden

Remember I mentioned that the tale of Mister Christmas had a little more to it? It actually started with this project, which was truly a strange one. I was going to keep this story eternally in the vaults, but what the hell, 'tis the season after all.

See, the polystone subject had come up one time before we went to China in September of 2010. In fact, I worked with one of the sculptors that Mister Christmas employed (I didn't know the connection at the time) to make what was eventually dubbed "Alter Pheyden" (Pheyden Alternate at first, which is kind of an end game Hades). The catch was that to speed up the process, the figure had to be put together over there. It was also a test to see how our counterparts could handle sculpting my designs, since my bad eye was worsening, which made sculpting slower and kind of rough (I've since figured out how to work with it more efficiently over the years).

The initial attempts were a combination of cool and frustrating, due to certain interpretations of my weirdo style not coming into focus, especially around the head. After multiple communications, I finally just said take a shot, and the figure was approved for a polystone test run. I actually received 3 of them, and only three, as review samples. They are true "close but no cigar" executions that are among the rarest things to have ever been produced during our time making Glyos stuff. The figure never went into full production.

I'll post some pics of them tomorrow if you guys want to check them out.

A base was also made, which is still kind of neat.

PS -Click on View Image when looking at the Alter Pheyden drawing, Blogger gives it a slightly blurry look until you expand it.


  1. Oooooooo man! This needs to exist as a 6" figure!

  2. Of course we wanna see it man! Too cool peeking behind the curtain!

  3. Ohhh man.. for a second i thought Onell-compatable PVC base parts and got So excited.

    I love seeing these lost projects.
    The alter design is awesome! it would be sweet to see something like that actually reach production some day.

  4. that's gorgeous... I wish you would make him and finish King Crayboth...

    honestly though, I'm a huge fan of the travelers and I would LOVE seeing that in 3D

  5. This would be awesome in 4H Outer-Space Men scale! :D

  6. Can we talk more about that modular backdrop piece? I think I could use a few dozen of those.

  7. This is too many layers of cool! If he was a 3" PVC figure, I'd have the puppy wiggles! I'm particularly attracted to the styling of detail lines, and that phase arm would make a great new accessory pack.

  8. This would be a sight to behold in PVC, and it'd be even better if all the other PVC sculpts would follow along in the same style. Heck, even just seeing what Alter Sarvos, Alter Argen, and Alter Crayboth would look like would be enough, the art is just that good!

    And a modular backdrop? I'm game, just so long as it could be loaded with sockets to build "repair bays" and such off of it! (Besides, how'd we know it was Gloys without 'em?)