Lost Projects: Bendirions Part II

While going through the stacks of sketches I gathered up some more concepts for the Bendirions range. Notice the Repoclaimer Pilot design that was a possible bendy candidate. That guy was a ringer!

Thanks for the feedback on the last post! These old scribbles have been gathering dust for a number of years and it's been fun digging them out to share with you.

More concepts are on deck for tomorrow!


  1. If only there was a way to keep the wiring on bendy toys from weakening and breaking over time.

    Love the designs! Would definitely buy them as minifigs, 3 3/4" you name it!

    Maybe even vinyl? :-)

  2. Matt, that Reclaimer Pilot is a thing of beauty. If you're ever going to make a Reclaimer, this pilot is a must have to go with it... Just sayin' ;-)

  3. These are fantastic! All of them have great potential... What are the odds of doing some combo Glyos/Bendi compatible type guys? Like shoulder joints had a plug of the harder PVC but the arms would be all bendi? Solid PVC Body, bendy mid torso, solid pelvis... You get the idea. :) LOVE LOVE LOVE some of these designs! Some are really speakin' to me in a sense.

  4. These designs are pretty slick: they have the Matt Doughty feel to them, but are distinctly different from what we've seen in PVC -- I suppose it's because the different medium requires/allows different structures.
    A few others have mentioned it, but have you addressed (in your conceptualizations) the problem of eventual wire breakage?

  5. If you treat bendies gently, they can still last pretty well. Of the bendy collection I posted in the last comments (and a few not included), only one or two have damaged wires, and many of the figures are about 30 years old. Obviously rough play or bending can wear them out quickly though.

    1. Fair enough. The last I played with bendies, I was in grade school So who knows what kind of hell I put them through.

    2. No kidding, I wish I still had the bendies I had ruined as a kid. I've not seen those particular ones since, and similarly had not been too keen on them again until more recent years. :)