Mini Catalog Gobon

This illustration first appeared in the small "mini catalog" that came with all our original boxed figures from way back in 2007. I really loved working on those packages with Marcus, and definitely miss that extra element being part of our current work.

Maybe someday we'll do a special edition version that revisits the old style.

A funny bit of info: Gobon's "Standard" color was supposed to be this yellow/white combo.


  1. Some of us are still hoping that "standard" color will someday be released, heh! Thanks for taking some time to drop in, Michelle. The more we get to see and learn about the big ol' 'bot, the better!

  2. Those colors are really cool, hope we get to see this concept in figure form! Thanks for posting! All these behind the scenes extras have been great!

  3. Have you guys ever considered putting together an art book of all the illustrations done for Glyos? Maybe together with the comics? I for one would be very interested.