Thank You!

Thank you for a great final release of 2012!!!

Everything seemed to go pretty well, with only the Syclodoc zipping through a little too fast for comfort (production numbers have been increased for the next version) and some reports of a slow store interface. In general, most of the stuff hung around a bit longer than usual, but still moved at a solid pace. As of this writing we still have the Stealth Armorvor in the store, even with a 4 per limit, which I hope means we are getting closer to meeting the demand for that little beast. All shipping will start at the beginning of next week.

The 2013 schedule has been deep in the planning stages for a while, and I'm personally hoping that we can explore a number of fun new projects together throughout the coming year. One of the planned waves will pay a more direct homage to the old F P Adventure People space toy line, with some solid colors being released without detail lines but with added tampos and spray masks, to hopefully keep things interesting. This will also allow for everything to completely match up when building with the Armorvor. Runs with the detail lines will absolutely be turning up, but I'm very curious about your collective opinion on the matter. Do you guys prefer the detail lines or do you like the figures more without them? I'm right in the middle with my own preferences, as certain colors shot in PVC seem to look better without the added lines, yet others really look more realized with the extra definition. This topic will be touched on more and more as 2013 gets rolling and also as we move ahead in the years to come (if we're still around!).

The Delphi is still in the prototype phase, and on track to hit steel once completed. There are a couple of smaller things that are also in line for full production, which are pretty simple, but add some different aspects to the figures that we currently make. I've been trying to get as much sculpting in as possible, but wrapping up the year is always more of a challenge than anticipated around here! That being said, I did manage to "remaster" a few older items which might make a few of you smile.

One last bit, which is connected to the recent Lost Projects posting spree. Which project would you guys want to see, if any, come to fruition from those posts? I'm kind of leaning towards the Villser, as there is some content set up to explore those strange creatures. Also, after looking through the old designs I'm feeling pretty compelled to finish the sculpt. Let us know what you would like to see, and if there is something older that you might want to finally see in full production. Thanks in advance for your thoughts!

To wrap up, I just want to say thank you once again, for making this the best year for Glyos yet. We talk about you guys a lot around here, and getting to know more of you throughout 2012 has made doing this even more satisfying. The connection between all of us feels stronger than ever, and our intention is to really fortify that bond in 2013.

Thank you for spending some time here, and for continuing to be part of this very small operation. You guys remain the absolute best.


  1. It was an interesting year! All the best to you and yours, Matt!

    Villiser in translucent green vinyl for me please :-)

  2. Personally I am obligated to say Rechlen and Aves haha. Or just Aves.

    While the discussion of "Lost Projects" is floating around I do have something I would like to pry into if I may.

    The Nobotos head. It appeared in CC1 and a few sprinkled into CC3 but nothing much has been mentioned of that head/character as far as I know. Nobotos and the LSA heads never made it into production. I know mention of LSA hitting production has happened, as well as Noboto and Delphi. I came in around CC3 and took a liking to the Nobotos head. The line work being between Sarvos and Phanost gave him slightly more interesting/organic look without going full brainy.

    With the name being close to Noboto and possibly mixed with Sarvos(Dragon Ball Z fusion dance) would Nobotos be tied in the possible future introduction of Noboto as a production figure?

    To answer your question about interest in the Lost Projects you have been showing this week, I would vote for Villser soldier. Although that might be due to them resembling skinny Voss and their relationship to Rechlen and Aves from those old photographs and leading me back to just my love of Aves haha.

    For detail lines I am with you, certain colors look good with while others look good without. My favorite way you have done detail lines is when they are like color holds utilized in comics where the line work is darker shade/tone of the color it surrounds. As seen on Comrado/Dormaco, Arcos, Rothan etc.

    I want to say thank you for such an awesome year of figures sir. You have pumped out some beautiful colors recently and I have enjoyed that very much. I also appreciate the work done for pass codes and comics. That quick mention of a future book has been noted and I look forward to the release.

  3. dam, don't know why I had it in my calendar for the 14th.... completely missed it. bugger. Oh well next time. The stuff that's left looks good though!

  4. Missed out on this run myself, but I have come to terms with missing stuff over the years, as it's almost impossible to get everything you want with fans like Onell Designs has. :)

    Looking forward to getting a Syclodoc, and an
    Armovor (tempted to grab a clear version even though I'm partial to opaque plastic). I'm really glad the production numbers are getting closer to meeting the demand, so I can grab those sculpt I just mentioned.

    As far as lost projects go, my vote is also for the Villser (especially if it comes with a Pheyoas head), but I hope you get around to doing a production King Crayboth, and a Voss sculpt, although I don't think you've ever mentioned revisiting the Voss. Basically, I would love to see more "organic-looking" characters over "robotic-android-types" to balance out the Glyoverse. :) But I'm sure whatever you end up putting out, I will love.

    Oh and I think a balance of detail lines and none is good. Looking forward to another year from Onell Design! Thanks for all the awesome toys! Happy holidays to you and yours Matt, and everyone else in this great community!

  5. First off, you're welcome! And thank you, for always making such fun stuff a reality. Finally seeing a Neo Legion Hi-Phaseon Strike Form is pretty awesome, too! Even more colourful than I imagined!

    I was origianlly just going to get a regular Hi-Phaseon, but I decided to get a pair of Phase Sets to take advantage of the paint. It actually surprised me to see a Strike Form show up so much recently, such as in the comic! It's a shame Phase Arms and Gobon Blasters always sell out so quickly, they're neat sets for their standard Traveler/Gobon upgrades as well as the potential for building.

    Finally, my votes for Lost Project, besides the Repoclaimer (not sure why, but I've always had a fondness for that adorable thing), is a vinyl Villser and PVC Villser Soldier. I think the pair would make a good duo to represent those amazing beings, and also would make Villsers more accesible to both people who could afford the approx. $25 vinyl one and those who can only afford an approx. $8 PVC Villser.

    You mentioned the Hub Set and Axis Joints coming out from the Villser Soldier, you might be able to reuse, or modify, some of the Hub pieces to fit parts of it, like how Glyans share a lot of similarity to Hubs in their pieces.

    1. I can't believe I didn't notice this before -- The Hub Sets had tampographs on them, too?? I'm loving all the extra paint and prints on these, and hope to see more in the future! Just don't get too carried away, heh!

  6. Great drop Matt, I have to say that this was one of the most fast paced, heart-racing drops yet! I was able to snag everything I wanted, (and then some!) and feel like these colorways really hit it out of the park! Good Work!

    Detail lines really work on a color by color basis, some colors of PVC really show light/shadow better than others, and some really don't become complete (Old style Ballim for instance.) without their respective lines.

    As far as lost projects go, the LSA needs to make an immediate return! Their stoic faces as they assaulted the much smaller Aves back in your 8.09.2007 entry. I think story wise, you could build an entire drop around them- just look at how much mileage you got out of those two heads in CC 1.0!

    Anyway, just wanted to give you props on yet another great drop, and I look forward to Glyos in 2013!

    ~Nezumiiro on OT.

    1. A close second would be the Aulder - I think they combine the best of many realms!

    2. The Aulder would be great to see realized! But how could the two-tone "tentacles" we see from the older figures be cast in PVC? Or would there have to be a lot of paintwork involved?

  7. Thank YOU again for another great drop!
    As far as detail lines go I always liked my figures to be likely more mono colored but the effects differ alot within the used plastic colors so dunnot know - i`m already stoked to see what you are cooking up for us and i know it`s gonna be great!
    I really enjoyed the "Lost projects" and i most liked the King Crayboth, followed by the Villser. PVC Villser Soldier would be great! Any Monster or Alien themed pvc figure would be a welcome addition for me. Also Alter-Pheyden would be perfect as Vinyl figure or even just resin casts would be very cool too but guess they are too large...thanks for sharing all these projects! Can`t wait to see what you`ve been cooking up for us with the Delphi :D

  8. We should be thanking you!
    and it's great to know that everyone who is picking up the figures are helping out.
    Personally, there is one lost project i wanna see, and thats the king cray. that Beast looks huge!
    anyways, Matt, thank you so much for making this Christmas a glyos filled one for me.

  9. Matt, your humility continues to astound. Here you are, having put together one of the best toy lines of the past ten years (if not longer), and you still take the time to fillus all in, ask our feedback, and generally keep this as community-oriented as you can. Kudos, my friend, kudos!

    As for the questions you've asked: the detail lines are great for the "flat" solid colors, as they add some degree of "realism" to their look. The clears, on the other hand, continue to look great without them; having some glow-in-the-dark (like Jesse did) lines for some clear figures, though, might make for a fun experiment. The metallics, however, look strongest perhaps when there aren't any detail lines added, as it gives those figures (and pieces) an "otherworldly" feel as compared to the "flatter" stuff. Not to say that they're terrible with them -- the Neo-Legion stuff is actually pretty keen, and with the lighter color may even be stronger for them -- but having, say, silver without detail lines might make for some good Eidrallim-inspired builds.

    In terms of Lost Projects, it'd be great to see how you'd handle the Villser in PVC, especially if that Soldier sculpt served as the basis for our two beloved accessory build-packs. If you were leaning more toward the old behemoth, though, I'd only ask for some kind of static "action feature" built into the sculpt: a "claw" or "tendril" that could hold Travelers in its grip, say, or a way to pop it open to reveal a Traveler being absorbed. Even making the limbs interchangeable with the other vinyl stuff to make for "possessed" Rigs and Blocks would be enough, something you no doubt have already considered. There's no shortage of things you could do with either, really, and no shortage of confidence in your ability to do so on our collective part.

    Just one more thing: having the contained build options again was pretty neat, and while it was good to have the pieces available separately, there's something satisfying about getting a "deluxe" figure out of it. This is not to mention, of course, how convenient it is for us builders to quickly grab parts we'd normally order separately all in one go! Will we be seeing that again in the future, either on a large scale (Phase Defender) or a small scale (say, Combodrone)?

    1. I think R. Whitford said it well concerning the detail lines. I agree with him.

  10. This was my first year buying Glyos, and it's been nothing but amazing. The people in the community are fabulous, and Matt your passion is contagious. I've checked your site and looked at pictures for such a long time. All ass-kissing aside, you run a great business and create some FANTASTIC things.

    The detail line issue, to me, falls in line with your opinion. Some colors warrant it, others don't. I know I trust your creative discretion, as I've never thought "MAN. These could use detail lines." or "Why are there details lines on this? It would be perfect without them." So my vote goes to: Sometimes lines! Sometimes no lines!

    Of the lost projects, I would have to throw my hat in for the Villser soldier. My Glyos squads need more bad guys! Though I would love to see an official run of Rechlen and Aves, or a nifty base like the Alter Pheydens were created with.

    My favorite part of this year has been the media. The stories have been engrossing, and left just enough to be creative with characterization. I can't tell you how many times I watched the new passcodes, and read the comics. I heard some rumblings, and just wanted to also throw it out there that I'd love to buy a Glyos comic/art book, if it ever is something that you'd be interested in doing.

    Thank you and all of your helpers for making Glyos such a wonderful addition to all of our lives.

  11. I would love to see the King Crayboth make it to production. I've been seeing the name bounced around for a while now and always wondered what he looked like. Now that I've seen the designs I know he's a figure I'd want in my collection.

    Keep up the great work! I never stop getting surprised with each new wave!

  12. Like to see Villset and more monsters. The King Crayboth reminds me of the Monster from Robotech/Macross adds to the desire of want! Can't even imagine what crazy monster builds can be made from all these glyo-compatible monsters!

  13. King Crayboth for me! Also, I really like painted detail lines. Please keep them painted.

  14. Oooh no. I take that back. 6" articulated Pheyden. That would be the Bee's boobies.

  15. Detail lines, tampos, and paint masks all have their place in the line! The more variety, the better. Especially as moving forward, the number of colors that remain untouched will shrink, it'll be down to these little differences to keep things interesting.

    Lost projects are a tough call, but some kind of website vote could be beneficial to gauge popularity.

    Personally I really love the King Crayboth, although a good part of that is due to the absolutely massive size... which seems like it would be hard to pull off in an affordable way. Also dangerous with this guy is considering just how many people would buy.. while I love the thing I can't see myself getting more than 1, and then occassionally after that if I REALLY love the colors. Something so massive and regal suggests that there shouldn't be swarms of them, at least to me.

    As for the Delphi, I hope we see a few of their heads! I've been lucky enough to track down a couple of the CC releases after the fact, but everyone has a "favorite" head.. ridges, helmeted, female.. would be amazing to see them all at some point.

    And while not a shown off project, I'm sure it's something you've kicked around.. sort of anyway. I'd love to see another vinyl ship that's compatible with the Rig! I've been imagining something like a 3 piece capital looking ship, where the central piece could be added again and again to make a longer ship, and the end pieces could be combined to make a smaller fighter.

    Anyway, thanks as always... this year has been the best "toy" year I've had since I was 5 years old! It's been such a pleasure to discover this toyline, and meet yourself and all the wonderful people surrounding it.

  16. Oh, P.S.

    Reverse traveller hands in an add on or future traveller!

  17. Wow! Okay, here's Cappy expressing his opinions (you asked for them):
    Lost Projects - King Crayboth, Villser in vinyl. Rechlen and Aves as Glyan add-ons.
    Detail Lines - the more intense sculpts (Armorvor) actually look better without. Classic Glyos still needs them. Guess that means the build sets would be as need be to match their release companions. As more stuff comes into the mix without detail lines, mixing it up would become accepted practice.
    I've done a few builds with lines intentionally removed and it does give a smoother feel to, say, the Glyans. Their sculpt looks more organic/muscly rather than armor.

    1. back to Lost Projects - I'd really like to see that polystone phase arm scaled down and released for the current PVC line.

  18. I'm interested in more biologic/creature travelers, so I'm voting for the Villser soldier, possibly with some extra tentacle parts and a Pheyaos head. Is there any way he could be bulkier while still being traveler scale instead of vinyl? Maybe a little more like that pink drawing of the Villser prototype from 11/6/10? It reminds me a little of Tendril from the Inhumanoids, which is great.

    Re: clears vs solids, paints vs clean, I prefer solids with paint apps but I trust your judgement on that.

    1. Damn. I'm so torn. I also really like the Villser soldier and would love to see it come with a pheyaos and/or chaos head.

  19. The past week of Secret behind the scenes stuff has been amazing!

    Id love to see any of the projects come to fruition, particularly the villser or King Cray (both of which look utterly amazing.)

    something that I noticed was that several people (including myself) mentioned interest in the displays from the Alter Pheyden. It could be a potentially interesting vein to look into.

    As for detail lines, i think it really depends on the color/tampos used. some times they look really amazing and other times the plain ones look terrific, keep using your own judgement! its worked out great so far!

  20. I think the detail lines vs. no lines is really on a per figure/wave basis I like em both so use your incredibly sound judgement on that.

    For lost projects I would love to see the Villser and King Crayboth...I would also love to see a Gear Edge Style Grim, but that is more a comment for Jesse anyway.
    Great year all around personally I am hoping for a good 3 or 4 hundred more years of Glyos

  21. I'd also cast my vote on both the Villser and King Cray hitting production - love big, beefy critters like those guys.

    As for the detail lines, it's neat to have 'em on some figures as it brings out more detail and definition. Harkens back to the Gundam models I used to see in Hobby Japan many years ago.

    Still, some of the figures do look great without 'em. Case by case basis, I guess.

  22. Definitely a great way to end 2012. Have you ever thought of a Christmas (Holiday) colored themed wave to close out the year with ?

    As to detail lines, Roy hit it best, Metallic look best without detail lines & flatter colors look perfect with them.

    Lost projects, I'd like to see either King Cray or the Villser (in clear vinyl). I just want to put a rig facing off with a Villser/ King Cray

  23. Dear Matt,

    This isn't in response to your blog but a question (not sure if you can, will, or should answer) about the pre-assembled builds that were sold in this month's drop -- the Phase Defender and Rig-Killer sets specifically.

    Will we see things like these again in 2013? I really liked them -- they take some of the guess-work in figuring out how many Axis Joints/Phase Arm/Hub Sets/etc I need to buy in order to replicate a build you've done.

    That said, I think out of everything, I liked the Villser Soldier the most. It seems the most natural extension, given your mentioning its parts have already been used in upcoming projects. The soldier gives it this Battlestar Galactica Cylon "skinjob" feeling -- the Villser have been among the Glyans the entire time!



  24. Reploclaimer! Reploclaimer pilot as a non-bendy could be fun also.

    I prefer no panel lines, I was and am a Buildstation shopper.

  25. Lines vs No Lines: I'd say have it on a per project basis as, like other have said, some things look good with and some look good without.

    Voting: I vote for the Villser and Villser Soldier. I also love the design for the Repoclaimer Pilot and would be floored to see that, and of course, the Repoclaimer as well!

  26. First off: This year has been extremely rough for me, full of lots of frustration and stress. Glyos makes me happy. I can't thank you enough for the joy and happiness these little things bring. I take at least one guy with me every day, and when things get rough, a happy little Traveler or Glyan or Sincroid pops out to make things better.
    As far as the detail lines go, I personally really like them on the non-Armorvors. Even on the ones that look good without them I always wonder what they might have added to be there. Lost project wise I think that the Villser and King Crayboth have a lot of potential to mix things up by adding some more Biological looking parts into the mix with the more mechanical parts we have right now, both in vinyl and PVC. When you posted about the bendy wire figures my first thought was it would be awesome to have a hybrid: bendy parts with Glyos pegs. You could do all kinds of cool things with those! Tentacle arms, vehicle parts, Glyan Nunchucks, etc!

  27. Yeah, I think my final vote rests on the Villser Soldier. I love the Lovecraftian/Zoanoid/John Carpenter's The Thing look to them. Definitely count me in.

  28. Awesome year!!! Thanks for all the colors and sick figures!
    The Crayboth Renaissance Resurgence was great too!

    I vote for King Crayboth. I love a new monster to attack the Rigs.

    PS - Thanks foer the RED Armodoc!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Where is the LSA???
    Rechlen and Aves
    we can only hope this is the year

  30. The LSA wanted to show up but they keep getting lost...

  31. Congrats for a great drop and a great year, glad to have finally jumped on board as a serious Glyos fan! Looking foward to an exciting 2013!

    Adventure People what! Clawtron from the AP space line was one of my all time favorite action figures, really looking foward to that drop. Those nylon parachutes in the Adventure people line were the best and theres never been a toy chute that has come close to those! I'm a real fan of the detail lining, but for the sake of that drop I'd easily live without them. Could we be seeing some clear molds with paint apps resembling the X-Ray Man and Woman figures?

    Can't wait to see a production Delphi, thats going to be great. Would love to see as others have suggested the Villser with a companion Villser soldier. We need more baddies. Personally, I'd rather see a Delphi first though.

    Matt, thanks for all that you do and for sharing this corner of the universe near the edge of space with us all!

  32. Personally I'd love to see those Villser completed, and some more Rechlen & Aves stuff too. I'm really looking forward to 2013!

  33. I would love a Villser Soldier/Pheyaos...

  34. Like it's already been said detail lines are cool with some colors but aren't needed with others like metallics. The mention of the gitd lines used on the Legacy Grim is something I'd like to see more of. There's been an overabundance of black when other colors might look great like classified with gold lines or enforcer with turquoise.

    All the lost projects are cool.The Villsers are probably my favorite just edging out that bottom design of King Crayboth. It'd be nice to have a foe which I think all the current factions could fight against.The Villser soldier looks awesome except for the limbs which have a phaseon/ old star wars stiff look to them. It would also be awesome to get a Pheyaos head although I'm still hoping to see a return of the Chaos and Chaos Beast heads.

  35. To be honest nobody will agree with me but I like the Bendirions. I always have had a secret obsession for bendy toys. Although I'm the kind of wierd person who does. Great year for the glyos stuff and I look forward to next year. Hopefully I can grab myself a scyclodoc to go with my 3 armordocs I have sitting on my shelf.

  36. Is there a rule that says all of the drops have to have story that moves forward chronologically? I would prefer that we get villser next (vinyl and pvc together) but I would absolutely love to have a "prequel drop" chronicling the Villser crisis mentioned in "Gendrone Chronicles" which led to the establishment of Glyaxia Command as the biggest super power in Glyos. It could also introduce us to Glyans, Gendrones and travelers from factions that no longer exist in Glyos canon. That would be really cool.

  37. So glad to hear the Delphi are on the
    track to being made in large quantities.
    :D :D :D

  38. Please do whatever you like best. It's working! I'm really happy you made the Armorvor this year. The little guy has been hanging out with me either on my desk or my coffee table since he first showed up. I can't wait to see what the next new PVC guy is going to be!

  39. I like the detail lines, but not on everything. I would be happy with buying what you put out, using your judgement on using lines or not.

  40. Especially looking forward to new stuff coming in 2013!!! DELPHI!!!! This line inspires me even more than my Micronauts. I have decided to sell my Micronauts collection and just collect Glyos, Callgrim, 481 Universe, and Star Wars. I can't wait to build with my 1 year old. I keep wishing he were 2 or 3 so we could build Glyos together and explore the Star Wars universe as well. Thanks for producing a line that I not only enjoy, but will soon be able to share with him. He loves the Armodoc!!

  41. thanks for keeping us all up to date and really working to make this a toyline of the people.
    I'm glad you brought up the detail lines. I have always thought it would be interesting to see detail lines on the clears and gitd figures and also no detail lines on the two color builds. I love seeing some of those stripped founders figures that people did a while ago. there is something really nice about their look especially with exellis for some reason.

    With the armorvors I would be really interested to see some opaque versions without all the tampo prints on it along with some color swapping once you are able to get production numbers with them to a level where that is feasible. My prototype armorvor from marty is a metallic blue body with black feet and fists and I love how it looks without any additional paint details. just some food for thought

    lastyly, with lost projects, I haven't gotten any of the large vinyl figures at this point becaue I have other designer vinyl lines that I collect outside of glyos and there just isn't space for more big vinyl pieces. I do think, however, that if I saw king crayboth I would have to bite as the thought of a clear king crayboth full of regular crayboths is just to excting not to.

    It sounds like you have some fun and exciting palns for next year and will continue to keep this line fun and fresh. I look forward to seeing whats in store!

  42. For the lost projects I would love to see the Repoclaimer or Bendirions and ever happened to Noboto? and I think it would be great to see a Armodoc or a Rig in the Gatekeepers color scheme and for the detail lines I think they're great.