Journey to Articulation

Once Michelle decided on the basic shape and feel of Gobon, I took her core design and did a parts breakdown, pushing the construction a bit. After some minor tweaks, it was off to the shop where Ron and I built the prototype. A few aspects of Gobon were then modified once we had the first urethane version in hand.

Michelle's sketch shown above also has what would be the near final look of Gobon's partner, Noboto. We worked on that little guy together quite a bit, maybe even more so than Gobon. The Noboto prototype currently sits at about 90% completion on my desk, waiting to make it into full production. A little more on that shortly.


  1. Being the Gobon fan that I am, I've been loving these posts! Any chance of seeing the Gobons in either the yellow/white or red/grey schemes? Looking forward to Noboto making it into the line.

    Thanks again for these posts, it's so cool to get a look into your creative processes.

  2. Would love a Noboto on my shelf. Happy New Year Matt and to the rest of the glyos family!

  3. That Noboto design is fantastic. Yes please let 2013 be the year of Noboto! He can hold me over until Aves makes production.

  4. The designs for Noboto are fantastic, and the original color schemes for Gobon equally so. Maybe they'll be something worth revisiting, once Noboto meets full production?