Lost Projects: King Crayboth

This was a Lost Project that came really close to going all the way, but was knocked off track by the emergence of a totally different thing. I won't go into a massive text wall here (I've been bombing you guys too much already this week), but here's a little bit about what transpired.

King Crayboth was supposed to follow up the Armodoc, and I even started the sculpt, but as I was at the shop working on it the Rig literally just appeared in my head. Everything I was doing with the King Crayboth was put on hold and I immediately switched gears. I'm not sure why these turns happen, but when the hyper inspiration comes on, sometimes you have to oblige.

The remnants of the original sculpt are scattered between the shop and here at the house. Maybe the time will finally arrive when it all comes back together to wreak some havoc on the Glyos System.

Oh yeah, and get revenge on that line cutting Rig.

Also, make sure to click "View Image" on the orange drawing, as the image is fairly big and you can check out more of the details by zooming in.


  1. That's pretty flippin' awesome! That orange drawing is awesome, the detailing is great. Thanks for sharing all these great, lost ideas this week. It's been a privilege to have this opportunity to see into your creative processes. It makes me appreciate all these little toys even more!

    ...and I hope that we get to see some of this become a reality in the near future, they're all great! Thanks!

  2. WOW. This guy is downright scary awesome! The scale shot with the traveller is especially awesome.. he's HUGE! Outside of the Delphi this is my favorite "lost project" we've seen.. I would love to see the royal highness Cray in the flesh!

  3. So those cards with the red-orange background . . . those were King Crayboth's big ugly mug, eh? I guess things were much closer than expected!

    Is anyone else picturing a huge clear one filled with Aura Crays now?

  4. Its really awesome that you are showing us all this gold, man! Super inspiring stuff! Thanks!

  5. More walls of text! Walls of text good!

    Love the King Cray, and cool to see the name getting worked out on paper too :-)

  6. Agreed, I've been wanting to see this guy for ages...and it looks as awesome as I expected. :D

  7. Matt, I could look at it your concept drawings and read your text walls all day! Whenever these concepts see the light of day as production pieces, put me down for two of each! :D

  8. Loving these Blog updates. All hail the King!! Keep the lost projects rolling! I'm eagerly anticipating Wednesday.

  9. I have really enjoyed visiting the Archive of Lost Projects this week. This one may be my favorite. I'm glad you pushed through with the Rig, but I would love to see this move into production.

  10. From the lower right of the orange sketches:
    "Ancient Crayboth - KIELBASA!"
    I prefer toys with meaty food references.

  11. I think I just pooped in my pants..
    I imagine it bigger than a rig or an armodoc.. It has to be freakin' HUGE!

    I'm so happy right now, thanks.